Having a garden of any type is another blessing. Basically, gardening is an activity of cultivating your ground with natural elements, such as fruits, vegetables and flowers. For some people, it is one of the best pastimes while for some; it is a hectic routine to follow. Gardening is a very undemanding practice - goodness knows it takes ability, devotion, and more than a little fate to grow flowers and veggies. If you are a garden lover and are practising gardening by your own, then you can easily relate surprising facts about this activity:

Plants are Responsive to Sound

It is clearly evident and scientifically proven as well, that plants do the response to sound. Talking to plants help them grow is an old-wives tale, but it is true that sounds like your voice, music or vibrations, affect the growth of the plant. Moreover, they can even respond to the affection you give to them. If you show your love to them, they will definitely love you back. Only nature loving person can extract the right meaning of this context. Love plants and get loved.

A Sweet Pleasure you Get

Gardening is a way to keep yourself away from all worldly sorrows and hence, brings you closer to nature. Only a garden lover can witness the real pleasure he get while gardening. According to a study, even doctors recommend victims of depression or psychologically challenged patients to get themselves closer to nature. This helps in relaxing their mind hence, a great therapy to let you drive your mood in a better way. A good practice to attain a pleasure for free.

Plants Go to Sleep at Night Too!

Like human beings and other animals, plants also sleep at night. According to some researchers, plants rest and let their branches to stoop when the Sun goes down. The leaves and branches on the plants gradually stoop, with the lowest point reaching a couple of hours earlier than dawn. Even many flowers are known to close their petals at night time too. That is why it is not a good practice to pluck flowers or plants at night. Restrict yourself from plucking plants at night and other as well because they are also living creatures and have similar senses too.

Gardening is one of the practices that not only refresh your mood but also makes you feel relax and comfortable. It is not a very tricky deal to perform such activity. One must have a passion to serve for nature too.  You only encounter difficulties in gardening for few days but when you become used to of it, you never feel like losing the affection of being with plants. It is necessary for a garden lover to take care of his plants the same way he does for the one he loves. Watering them every day is not enough. Spare some time and talk to them as they also have the ability to sense the love and affection of their owner.  


Jessica Brown is a medical student and a part-time writer as well.She provides nursing essay help to the students. Her aim is to start her own writing agency after graduation.