Optus Customer Service Number

Optus is a telecommunication company based and headquartered in Australia, it is a web based email service, This email service is fast and reliable to every user, the user interface of this email service is very nice and smooth, its great and eye catchy user interface make it unique and different from others, there is an abundant number of users of Optus mail, so because of the abundant usage, sometimes there become a heavy traffic on Optus servers, which may hinder user experience, but users, no need to worry about that, there is a team working for you, Optus Customer Service, team will guide you with best technical help and take you out from any issue with Optus email, they will guide you with best assistance.


Here are some technical issues which may come across:-

  1. Not able to send and receive Email
  2. Solution - Try after deleting some website cookies.
  3.  Password Change/forget.
  4. Solution - to change or reset the password, it is must to have a registered mobile number or a registered email for recovery, the password reset link will be sent to your recovery email, there by clicking on the recovery link, you will be redirected to password reset page.
  5. Log in issues.
  6. Solution - Check your Internet connection, if that is OK or not.
  7. Synchronization issue
  8. Solution- Try after deleting old mails so that some storage will get cleared and therefore the new mails will get arrived.
  9. Folder Issue
  10. Solution - You can set your folders according to your need.


Optus Customer Support

If there still you are facing problems with Optus mail, then you can contact with customer support team, the team will help you so nicely that you will be able to resolve all of your problems, you can get in touch by contacting them through web mail service and by dialing toll free to Optus technical support number, the numbers are toll free, you can contact them anytime in 24/7.