Aside from residential and/or personal sealant services, up to on-going business maintenance, healthcare facilities and even huge commercial projects; mastic sealant contractors are skilled and experienced enough to implement some other projects and services such as:


Industrial Use:

i. Garage forecourts

ii. Aviation storage and runways

iii. Vehicle shelters subject to oil and petrol spillage

iv. Infrastructures - perimeter asphalt, roadways,and slab sealing

v. Offices - External and internal fittings, frames, partitions and flooring

vi. Plant rooms - firestopping and intumescent, waterproofing and acoustic sealing

vii. Shopping centres - sanitary-ware, furniture, fittings, frames and other partitions

viii. Leisure centres - changing rooms, shower blocks, cladding, locker rooms, saunas, swimming pools, steam rooms, door frames, gym areas, mirrors, window frames

ix. Warehouse - heavy goods vehicle trafficked, heavily foot trafficked, dustproofing, perimeter sawcut sealing


Special Stone Sealing:

x.Sea retaining walls (other salt subjected substances)

xi.Chlorine-resistant, permanently submerged stone and fittings to stone

xii.Natural stone joints - utilising premium and non-staining silicone sealants

xiii.Scaffolding - precious stone applications and hard to reach stone cladding

xiv.Abseiling - hard to reach stone cladding and precious stone utilization inaccessible by plant

Also, mastic sealants definitely trims down your energy bills by sealing all gaps and other openings, through which cold air enters and/or heat gets out of your property. It also attaches all the existing gaps between two or more surface materials. The ultimate goal of utilizing sealant materials is to guarantee that the building, may it be commercial or residential, is not only watertight, but also airtight.

These and a whole lot more of services which could not be done through a simple DIY projects, should be implemented by professional mastic sealant contractors in order ensure safe and precise execution. So what are you waiting for? Set an appointment today and fix that problem in no time.


National Sealants many years’ of experience in the mastic sealant application industry has allowed us to create a large portfolio of clients and making us the first choice among many contractors. We pride ourselves on the quality service and total customer satisfaction we provide by only giving a level of workmanship and professionalism our customers demand.