Otto Liv and Fotonic i Norden AB signed an agreement to acquire some of the latter's assets. Fotonic i Norden AB is located in Stockholm and Sheffield, Sweden. The company is an expert Sensor in the field of laser radar and flight time cameras, responsible for the design, development and manufacturing of such products.

   After the acquisition, some of the intellectual property, R \u0026 D and prototype assets and R \u0026 D resources of Fotonic i NordenAB will be transferred to Autorv, including 35 engineering experts in the field of LIDAR and ToF cameras. It is expected that Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor the transaction will be completed by the end of 2017, in line with the relevant conditions of the relevant conditions of the transaction, the acquisition of assets will belong to Otto Liv Electronics.

   Even in the night and poor visibility of the environment, the lidar is still able to obtain high-resolution real-time map, the product is expected to become the core technology of automatic driving vehicles. In order to obtain professional Temperature Sensor and technical and intellectual property rights, Otto Weifu decided to reach the acquisition agreement.