Otto Lifu announced a re-acquisition of Geely's contract, which will provide the latter with a 77GHz high-resolution radar. Earlier this year, Autoliv Sensor had received a contract from Monley's monocular vision system, and radar and visual systems were the necessary technologies to drive autopilot technology.

   Autorelv high-resolution radar can increase the detection point, improve the ability to understand the free space, optimize the multi-target environment, object isolation, can more accurately identify the blind warning and post-cross traffic warning system. The company's 77GHz radar system recognizes front-side vehicles and automatically changes lanes during high-speed travel. Monocular vision camera system consists Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor of advanced image processing algorithms, to identify vehicles, road signs and symbols. In addition, Autoliv monocular vision camera system can identify children, riders, to help the vehicle automatically brake and determine the type of vehicle before and after.

   Otto Rivd Electronics CEO Johan L? Fvenholm said that Geely both insist Temperature Sensor on security and sustainability, and has been at the front of the technology. After obtaining a lucky contract, the supply map for the Otto Livv vision and radar system covers North America, Europe and China.