My husband and I celebrated our 45th anniversary with a vacation to Seattle and Canada and a cruise to ALASKA on

the Legend.  This is our 2nd cruise and hopefully NOT our last.  We started our journey on Friday, May 20 with a

flight on United Airlines out of Greensboro, NC.  It was on time and we landed safely in Newark.  The next leg of our

flight did NOT go well at all.  Actually there was multiple problems which delayed our flight on to Seattle.  It ended up

taking a lot more time than we had ever expected.  On and off a couple of airplanes due to them being grounded.  I

wondered IF this was a *SIGN* that perhaps we should get on the next plane back home instead of continuing.  Afterall,

I had a health scare right before time for us to get ready for this trip turned out to be a spell with kidney

stones.  As it turned out I had a couple and one of them had started the journey trying to make its way out of my body.

I could NOT even believe the pain that I was going through.  I ended up in the ER for about 5 hours or so with them trying

to ease my pain.  It was NOT good timing at all.  I ended up going to the doctor several times before time to head on our

vacation.  I had thought at one time that perhaps we should delay our trip.  I told the doctor that I was going to be out of

town for a couple of weeks - (I did NOT tell her though that I was going to be on a cruise) 


We finally got to Seattle and found our room where we would stay for the next few days until we boarded the Legend and headed

to Alaska.  We had a great time in Seattle exploring the sites and learning more about this HUGE city.....lots of people and traffic for

sure.  Wonderful places to see and a lot to learn.  We found a great place to eat and actually broke our record by eating there 3 times.

It was the SPORTS BAR right across from the Space Needle.  They have great FOOD and the BEST CLAM CLOWDER.....(and to think I

did NOT even know I liked it)


We had ordered the *CITY PASS* and I encourage anyone and every one traveling to see IF they are offered to wherever you are going.....

as they can save you BIG BUCKS and you get to see more for your money. 


Tuesday we boarded the Legend and headed to Alaska.  Our first stop was in Juneau and then Skagway where we also signed up for a

Scenic Tour of the Yukon on a mini bus......which was GREAT*****we could not decide whether we wanted to do this one or take the train.

We definitely made the right choice as the bus actually took us a lot further than the train would have and our tour guide Pete stopped

at all of the GOOD SPOTS to take pictures so that we would have good memories of where we went and what we saw.  (HE was great also

in sharing the History of the places we visited as well)  We also Cruised the Glacier Bay which was *unbelievable* stopped in Ketchikan and

Victoria, BC, Canada as well before heading back to Seattle.  I took thousands of pictures.  I might add that we had to purchase coats since it

was really *cold*.  (I had no idea we would need coats at the end of May) The ship food was GREAT.  I got to try some *dishes* that I had never

had before......cold soup being one of them which was very good.  Our trip was great and I would encourage anyone who has never been on a cruise

to Alaska to look into doing this. 


Upon arriving back to Seattle on Tuesday....we rented a car and headed to Vancouver.  We had intended to stay a couple of nights and do some

sight seeing but only stayed one night.  (lots of traffic and people).  We did enjoy visiting the Grouse Mountain before heading back to Seattle.


I was so glad that we decided to do this since we have tried to find the UPS GARDENS in Seattle and it took the 3rd try before we finally discovered it.

It was well worth is located in the old part of downtown Seattle. (almost hidden behind a fenced in area and is open only until around 3:30)


I am excited to plan our next cruise which will be our 3rd one.  Not sure exactly where we will go though.....but I am sure we will enjoy wherever we chose.


We both love cruising....just wished we had started this when we were YOUNG.  We are now close to retirement age.