Oxygen sensor is almost no one thought to replace, but should pay attention to the timing and replacement of accessories. The working environment of the car is very bad: gasoline is a good organic solvent, rubber parts and other rubber parts have a certain degree of corrosion; engine compartment temperature is higher, easy to accelerate the aging of rubber parts; engine operation wear Sensor and carbon deposition; Climate working environment and so on. These factors determine the need for regular maintenance and maintenance of the car in order to maintain a good condition and prolong the service life.

   Oxygen sensors and ternary catalysts are twin brothers. Oxygen sensors measure the concentration of the mixture by detecting the oxygen content in the exhaust gas and adjust the fuel injection to maintain the concentration of the mixture at an ideal level. If the oxygen sensor fails, the engine burns abnormally, the ternary catalyst Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor will soon hang up. When the mixture is too thick, the vehicle is not fully combusted, the CO content in the exhaust gas is high, and it is also easy to accumulate carbon. The fuel consumption is increased and even the exhaust gas is smelly. The mixed gas is lean and the NO is exceeded.

   Oxygen sensor is the main material for the platinum (zirconia, its life is generally 8-10 million km. Gasoline, lubricating oil quality impact on the oxygen sensor life.Even the failure of the oxygen sensor will make the electronic fuel injection system computer Can not get the exhaust pipe oxygen concentration information, and therefore can not feedback control Temperature Sensor of the air-fuel ratio, will make the engine fuel consumption and exhaust pollution increases, the engine idle instability, lack of fire, surge and other failure phenomenon.Therefore, Troubleshoot or replace.

   Oxygen sensor poisoning is often a difficult and difficult to prevent and control a failure, especially in the often use of leaded gasoline cars, even the new oxygen sensor, can only work thousands of kilometers. If only a slight lead poisoning, then use a box of lead-free gasoline, you can eliminate the oxygen sensor surface lead, to return to normal work. But often due to the high exhaust temperature, leaving the lead into its internal, hinder the proliferation of oxygen ions, the oxygen sensor failure, then only to replace. Gasoline and lubricants contained in the silicon compounds generated after the combustion of silica, silicone rubber gasket with improperly distributed silicone gas, will make Throttle Position Sensor the oxygen sensor failure, and thus the use of good quality fuel and lubricants. Repair and install the rubber washers correctly, do not apply to the sensor manufacturers use other than the use of solvents and anti-adhesive and so on.
  Remove the oxygen sensor from the exhaust pipe, check the sensor housing on the ventilation holes are blocked, ceramic core with or without damage. If damaged, replace the oxygen sensor. The output signal is inaccurate, the ECU can not correct the air-fuel ratio in time. Resulting in carbon deposition, mainly for the fuel consumption increased, significantly increased the concentration of emissions. At this point, if the sediment is cleared, it will return to normal work.

  After the use of three-way catalytic converter, must use unleaded petrol, or three-way catalytic converter and oxygen sensor will soon fail. Oxygen sensors are more important when the throttle is stable Pressure Switch and formulated for standard mixing. Oxygen sensors can not function when the (ECU) computer ignores the oxygen sensor information during frequent thickening or thinning.

   100,000 km is a small car of the vehicle, poor maintenance of the car will enter the burst of concentrated burst period. Wash the throttle is that we all know the maintenance project, in fact, cleaning oxygen sensor is more important, after all, oxygen sensor work environment is more bad, more vulnerable, not to mention it controls the fuel injection it. Oxygen sensor cleaning can be three yuan catalyst cleaning agent bubble for 10 minutes, and then use the hair dryer to dry it.