About Him

Oz Erickson, a principal behind Emerald Fund, has given about 5500 housing units, 420,000 square feet of office, 400,000 square feet of retail, and a luxury hotel with 200 rooms to San Francisco. Focusing on affordable housing in the city, Oz has provided about $3 billion value to the city so far to reduce the skyrocketing rents. Even after establishing Emerald Fund 35 years ago, he still identifies new projects,and is involved in financing, marketing, and designing them.


Popularly known as the Cal Ripken of San Francisco, Oz erickson has probably done the most to shape the housing policies of San Francisco than anyone else. He has been an active member of the SPUR's Board of Directors, a housing committee of San Francisco. He has worked on a housing advisory committee for CSTPA and was even on the Advisory Council of the FMBAP(Fannie Mae Bay Area Partnership). While serving on the BRT's board, he was also a member of Lambda Alpha International.


Besides serving as an important member of different communities, Oz Erickson has been awarded with the City of Hope's Spirit of Life Award in 2002 for his exceptional services to San Francisco. In 2008, he received a Silver Spur Award. He still is a member on the Advisory Board of Spur. In the words of Alan Mark, president of Mark Co., “I don’t think anyone even comes in second in terms of longevity in the marketplace and production of units. I think of him as a wise man. He is tremendously respected and has the utmost integrity and that is why he has been here for so long.”

Popularty in San francisco and Media


  • Bizjournal identifies Oz Erickson as Cal Ripken of the city, who never backs down irrespective of how difficult is the game. They have written a complete article on how Oz established himself as a developer; overcame the challenges and planned the future.

  • There is a whole another article written by Sparksalliance on the recent development done by Oz Erickson in the favor of San Francisco—built a park—a way to make the life of city people more exuberant.

  • In yet another article of SFChronicle, Oz Erickson explained the effects of Prop C, and how it will affect the profits of San Francisco's real estate business.

  • In a Youtube video, Oz discussed how the new affordable housing requirement will change the profit margins for developers, and what can be done to minimize the damage brought by Prop C.

  • Bisnow published a complete article on how Oz Erickson is shaping up the San Francisco city with his new, brilliant constructions.