You might not be able to contain your happiness when you get to know that you have made it for the humanitarian mission. You miss out one single thing and you will repent for the entire time you are there. Hence, you need to be prepared well for the voyage humanitaire in all the possible ways you can. Chances are you might not get the thing you missed out on the place. Also, packing for such a mission is not as you would pack for your trip. You will be given responsibilities and are expected to fulfill them. So, it is best to be ready thoroughly for the journey as well as the stay.

How to get started and pack well for the voyage humanitaire?:

The first thing you need to do is go through the pre-departure kit from your agency for mission humanitaire. It will have all the necessary things that you should know about the place, your role, accommodation, safety etc. However, do not consider it to be the final statement. You will have to research about the town in which you got the accommodation. Try to understand the local culture by watching videos. Learn about the food and eating habits of the town. You should make it a point to learn the general traditions about the clothes. Many communities do not appreciate shorts and dresses and find it disrespectful to their culture. Once you are done reading the list that the institute offered you with, you will have to make your own. Keep in mind for how long you will be stationed in that place.

Accordingly, you can start listing out things you will need for the voyage humanitaire. Distribute things in sections so that you do not miss out on packing them. You will be able to pack things in a way which will allow you to pull out as and when needed. So, you can have bathroom section, first aid, nightwear etc. In order to make things even simpler, you can put the quantity in which you will need them. Even if you do not have them in chunks, you can always shop for them before the trip.

Do not be surprised if you do not get things at the new place which are common in your neighborhood. For instance, you will want a charger that plugs into the pin at such places. If you are on medication then you will have to stock properly before you leave for mission humanitaire afrique. So, you will have to make a list of all the things that will not or might not be possibly available there. Make sure you pack them without fail. Put down all the emergency contact numbers and share it with your parents and close people. Get copies of all your important documents like visa, passport, contact details etc.

Put it in the mail: Even if you lose them, you will not feel lost or stuck in deep problem. Only when you are equipped for the mission humanitaire, you will be able to perform well.