Fuel cell vehicles and traditional cars, other electric car characteristics of contrast, pointed out that fuel cell vehicles will usher in new development opportunities. He also combed the status Sensor of the international automotive fuel cell technology, combined with demonstration run, summed up the status of China's automotive fuel cell technology. At present, there are two technical routes for the development of vehicle fuel cells. One is the independent research and development based on new energy and power. It should further improve the reliability and durability of the battery system and reduce the cost of the stack and the amount of platinum. Another representative of the Guangdong Guohong hydrogen technology company as the representative of the introduction of Canada Ballard technology, he hopes to digest and absorb and re-innovation, to solve the introduction of technology stack can not be stored in the low temperature and start related issues. The second is to accelerate the development and reduce the battery system of air compressor, hydrogen circulation system and high pressure hydrogen storage bottle costs, thereby reducing the cost of the battery system. The third is to accelerate the development of fuel cell buses, a variety of special vehicle fuel cell system safety standards. In addition to strengthen the safety of various fuel cell vehicles test.

  Energy-saving cars emphasize the technical energy-saving and structural energy-saving, structural energy-saving aspects of China is facing a very big challenge, the trend of large passenger cars more and more obvious, and small car market share gradually compressed, which will directly affect the entire Energy Efficiency of Automobile Industry, Realization of Energy Saving Target. He believes that the passenger car to focus on the development of hybrid, while the traditional internal combustion engine to further enhance the thermal efficiency.
In the new energy market, China's new energy market is currently driven by policy-driven, mainly concentrated in the limited sales of restricted cities. After 2020, the market will enter a relatively free competitive state, product form, especially pure electric vehicles will also be based on the traditional platform based on the transformation of pure electric platform based  Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor on the development of new energy-specific products to change. In the new energy vehicle production, the new energy vehicles as a new thing, the industry chain is not yet perfect, it is manufacturers, industrial chain, the use of the environment have higher requirements. Second, the new energy vehicles relative to the traditional car has a more intense intelligence, Internet and other needs, new energy vehicles to cover the field of manufacturing, consumer life, manufacturing and use associated with, you can create a more intelligent, , Can better tap the new energy products in the mobile Internet era to the user experience and more demand to meet.
  From the perspective of the new energy vehicle cost subsidy, the cost of the vehicle constitutes a new energy cost accounted for up to 60%, and the subsidy policy of rapid retreat, much faster than the battery system, which brings business to the enterprise pressure. Especially after 2020, the possible non-subsidized era of new energy systems will put forward a greater challenge. Even so, by 2020 due to the policy market cultivation of consumption inertia will continue until 2020, that is, even if the pre-subsidized case, the new energy vehicle prices Pressure Sensor will remain unchanged, that is, when the new energy The price of cars can not grow, not because the state does not subsidize, and car sales prices will rise. He suggested that the first, to alliance and cooperation, all enterprises should uphold the open attitude, seeking cross-border cooperation, to achieve 'industry alliance' and 'complementary' to join hands to strengthen the new energy automotive industry. Second, cultivate the national market, China's new energy vehicle market there is a series of local protection policy, with the new energy vehicle market continues to expand, cancel the local protection policy will become a new energy vehicle development of the necessary conditions. Third, the whole industry chain down, around the industrial chain, through the model innovation, technology upgrades, manufacturing optimization, supply chain depth cooperation and other means to promote the whole industry chain down. Fourth, standardization, systematization, new energy standards Throttle Position Sensor also need to be further optimized and improved to promote the industry's technological progress and generalization, platform. At the same time proposed the establishment of a number of industries with the guiding role of the parts and components of technical standards to promote the industry's technological progress.