Continental Group passive safety and sensor integration topics, integrated safety car network V2X communications, security domain controllers and other cutting-edge technology, together with Sensor the future development of automotive safety systems.

   Dr. Bernhard Klumpp, Executive Vice President, Passport Security and Sensor Business Unit, Continental Group, said at the technology summit that China is still one of the world's fastest growing auto markets, while the local market has also made a safe driving Getting higher demands. Passive safety and sensor business unit uphold the 'rooted in China, serve China' strategy, adhere to the scientific Suction Control Valve and technological innovation for vehicle manufacturers and consumers to provide local traffic conditions for passive safety and sensor integration program to improve driving experience.

    Passive safety and sensor business units attach importance to the development of local R \u0026 D and production capacity in China, and by virtue of global expertise, experienced technical support and continuous technological innovation, combined with understanding of the local market development and design in line with local customer Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor needs security Products and solutions, such as the hot products of the future market: scalable airbag controller, pedestrian protection sensor and intelligent battery sensor for starting and stopping system.

    Passive safety and sensor business units provide a powerful portfolio of products for safe and dynamic driving to support advanced high-level intelligent driving functions at every step of the 'Perception-Planning-Action' drive. For example, the Intelligent Battery Sensor (IBS), which is primarily used for start-stop functions, continuously analyzes the state of the battery to ensure that the engine can automatically shut down (shut down) and start again ; The 'brain' in the system, by the various types of electronic control unit can calculate the various actions and decisions the possibility (planning), for example, can use dynamic sensors and GPS data to show the relative and absolute vehicle (track accurate ) Location of the V2X application module, which can achieve ad-hoc communication, that is, real-time direct communication between the car, without a fixed network infrastructure; or with SPEED platform to meet the scalable solution for all types of vehicles and market safety Control of domain sensors, suitable for complex active and passive security components of the network; all control vehicles Pressure Sensor to complete the provisions of the driving action of innovative technology, can be described as 'feet and pedals', they are directly involved in the control of the vehicle (action) , for example, can provide the appropriate driver on the traffic situation aided by tactile feedback Feedback accelerator pedal.