Have you ever felt that you knew someone in your present from a past life? When I took a metaphysical course, the teacher said that people tend to reincarnate "in groups". I went to a concert and as soon as I (first) saw the performer, I had a strange reaction.  I wondered if he was eating properly. Now he's a tall, well built man so it wasn't that he looked malnourished. Shortly afterward, I started having premonitions about him (usually connected to health issues) and found myself praying hard for about two weeks straight that God would please not let him die. This came in the midst of me being quite miffed with him about a business meeting he missed (and didn't call to cancel) with my husband and me.  I found out a few months later at one of his shows that during that time, he had had a heart attack and was hospitalized. We wound up becoming friends and we both acknowledged the connection we feel. He knows I have premonitions about him. I also had visions of him lying on the ground, lying in a ditch and lying in a hospital bed. About a year after they started, he had a stroke. I would catch his shows periodically and one night after one of them, we talked about his stroke and he showed me a picture of himself in the hospital bed. I have tried to figure out why this strong connection and an energy between us that could light up a room. Even my husband notices it. The only thing that seems to make sense is that we were perhaps mother and son or some other close relatives in a past life. 

I also have a friend that used to be an adversary.  We went to school together but didn't cross paths much there. Then we worked together off and on for years and it's there that he really got on my nerves. We worked through our issues and wound up becoming good friends. We confide in each other and give each other reality checks. I feel this is the lifetime we were here to work out some past life issues.  LOL He's the only man my husband is okay with me calling and receiving calls from. They are old army buddies and our friend is actually the one who for years tried to get my husband and me together. We wound up doing it in our own time however.  So who's from your past life?