They believe that since Amazon eBook market is the dominant player in eBook retailing, they should use it as the only channel to reach their readers and publish exclusively for Kindle. But when it comes to worldwide book sales, self-publishing authors should not limit themselves to a single online retail option and explore other opportunities as well.

Explore a Diverse and Dynamic eBook Marketplace

Industry statistics show that Amazon accounts for 74% of eBook purchases in the United States but there are other bookstores with millions of eBooks sold in the US every year – Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google Play, and a dozen more.  And readers still have a need to buy books and pay someone to write an essay so online stores are valuable in the era of the Internet.

Besides, there are a lot of English speaking readers across the planet and when it comes to the global market, Amazon does not have the worldwide monopoly, being just one of the outlets in the European Union, along with Adlibris, Tolino, and BOL. So if you publish exclusively for Kindle, you may miss out on 55% of your potential readers and sales.

Create a Wide Distribution Network

If you want to increase your potential buyer base, you should use other channels to distribute your eBooks and sell them on other popular eBook retail sites, such as iBook store, Kobo, Nook, and Google Play. Widen your reach and make your book available everywhere and you will look more professional to agents, fans, bloggers, editors, reviewers, and more. Besides, if your website has links to several eBook stores, your readers are sure to appreciate that they have an option to buy your eBook on the eReading platform they prefer.

Publishing eBooks Can Be Easy

Of course, setting up accounts and profiles with each retailer is time-consuming but, luckily, there are self-publishing companies that can help you with global eBook distribution. All you have to do is to create a single account and upload your book with some details about your bio and they will take care of all the rest. They will convert your manuscript file into a beautiful book and publish it in lots of stores such as Amazon, iBook store, Kobo, Nook, Baker & Taylor, Gardners, Sony, Scribd, and more.

When it comes to eBook distribution, you should not limit your sales channels and depend only on one big partner if you want to maximize your potential buyer base and make your eBook publishing efforts more profitable.