In QuickBooks, go to the Sync with PayPal app.


In QuickBooks, click Apps upon the left navigation menu, also click behind hint to Sync when PayPal.

Connect QuickBooks to your Paypal account


Click Get the App Now to begin the setup, and endorse QuickBooks to right of entry your PayPal account.

Click “Authorize“ to authorize QuickBooks to use your PayPal account.

Log into your PayPal account.

From your PayPal account, grant QuickBooks permission to access your transactions.

From your QuickBooks account, click “OK, let’s go“ to complete the sync.

Add an account.

Choose an account to represent your PayPal transactions in QuickBooks, and choose if you agonized to baby book fund transfers.

Tell QuickBooks if you want to import customer information from PayPal.

Tell QuickBooks if you want to import past transactions

You can go back as far as 18 months ago. Be aware that if you’ve already entered transactions in the past, importing transactions could create duplicates.

Choose how you want to categorize the PayPal transactions

Check to be sure you’ve set everything up the way you want, then click “Connect.“

If you want to change any option, just click “Edit.”

To know more information about PayPal Integration with QuickBooks Contact our QuickBooks online support team.


On the confirmation window, click “Done.“


To know more you can watch this video:

If you have any issue in your QuickBooks PayPal Integration with QuickBooks Online ,You may just contact our QuickBooks Online Customer Number +1-855-441-4417  to contact them.


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