Yesterday’s discussion about the Can-Am Spyder Motorcycle really highlighted a unique physical need that Baby Boomers have that can be targeted by companies involved in "active living" products.

Even though our generation is the healthiest and most active ever, we still have to accept the fact that we are getting older and our body does not function as well as it did in our youth. 

Yes, we eat healthier, work out more, do yoga, take vitamins and understand our physiologies better yet we are not as agile and physically strong as we once were.

We are beginning to deal with common age related problems like arthritis creeping into our bones, incontinence and loss of balance.

These things suck but they are a reality we all must live with.

Or do we?
Everything I do I push myself thinking that my body can perform like an 18 year old.

I work out too hard at the gym.

I do my own landscaping and cut my own lawn which keeps me in the hot Arizona sun for 4 or 5 hours at a time.

I still ride hard on my motorcycle, skydive, Jet Ski and play too hard with my grandchildren.

For reasons unknown, I always push myself too much.

That’s tough on my body and oh boy, am I starting to feel and see some consequences.

My bones ache a little more and the soreness lasts a little longer.

Sometimes, when I stand up to quick I get a little dizzy.

And yes, the stress and strain I keep putting on my body has led to some annoying maladies like intermittent incontinence and hemorrhoids.

Eeeekk, I can’t believe I just said that out loud.

Hey, there is no humility in getting old.

I guarantee that more than just a few baby boomers reading this article share the same issues.

How about you?

Are you a workaholic in everything you do?

Do you push yourself too much and realize that you are feeling the effects more and more?

So what if you could maintain your preferred high level of performance and keep the side effects to a minimum?

Well, fellow baby boomers, I found another "active lifestyle" product  that may help out where we need it the most.

                         Today’s Perfect Product for Baby Boomers:

                                 Bionic Relief Grip Gloves

Are you a golfer?

What kind of question is that?

You are a baby boomer so sure you golf.

It is estimated that almost 60% of every dollar spent on this sport comes from our baby boomer generation.

And if you don’t golf, I bet you work out, garden, play tennis, ride horses or drive a lot.

Maybe you are on your motorcycle all of the time like me.

After a while, do the joints in your hands begin to ache?

What kind of question is that?

Sure they do.

If you could reduce the battering on your hands and look good at the same time would you consider buying gloves to help?

There is a company out of Louisville, Kentucky called Bionic Gloves that has created a full line of gloves that are perfect for our active Baby Boomer generation.  

So what is so unique about them?

These gloves have been developed and designed by a leading orthopedic hand specialist to prevent and combat issues like weakened grip, arthritis and bone injury; the very issues our generation is beginning to face.

Designed for both men and women, Bionic gloves offer an “ergonomic” technology that is totally unique.

As described in the technical sections of their website, Bionic gloves have numerous patented features and are made with only the highest grade materials.

Some of these features include:

  • Anatomical pad systems to improve contact and comfort
  • Flexion zones that mimic the natural creases in the fingers making it easier to close the hand
  • Enhanced breath-ability
  • Orthopedic motion zones over the knuckles to provide more comfort
  • LightPrene™ expanded wristband which comfortably supports the wrist and base of the thumb
  • Patented pre-rotated finger design which complements the natural closure of the hand and reduces fatigue
  • Three-dimensional padding which improves durability
  • Coolon™ moisture control material and terrycloth mini-towels inside the glove help absorb moisture
  • Silicone finger tips that provide more durability, protection and dexterity

What does this mean for us?

You can improve your golf game:

  • Twice the durability than a standard leather golf glove
  • The pads provide stability to keep the club from twisting at impact
  • Mini terrycloth towels inside the glove deliver superior moisture control

You can make gardening more fun:

  • More gripping power with your tools 
  • The silicone finger tips offer protection when digging
  • Anatomical padding absorbs vibrations from power tools, lawnmowers, and trimmers

You can get more out of your workouts:

  • Eliminate skin contact with the fitness equipment and reduce fatigue in your hands and forearms
  • Strategically-placed anatomical relief pads help prevent calluses and blisters
  • Antimicrobial treatment and Cool Max Lycra help fight tough odors and keep your palms dry

So, if pushing yourself physically is still the way you roll but you are concerned that you are getting a little too old to handle the consequences then maybe a couple of pairs of these high-tech gloves may be something you should look at.

Just let me clarify here that my discussion today about the Bionic products is completely and absolutely unsolicited.

I have not received any compensation for this review and have not been contacted by the company in any way.

I saw the products on line; researched them and saw that they fit a need that we all share and it looks like they do it very well.

If you have any products that you have run across that you think would benefit our fellow Baby Boomers, please tell us about them in the comments section.

Tomorrow, I’ll be bringing you even more cool products that are perfectly designed to fit the "active lifestyle" needs of our aging generation.

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