The past couple of days we talked about a couple of very cool products that really fit the needs of Baby Boomers even though they were probably not specifically developed to target our generation.

The "Can-Am Spyderwhich can be ridden by motorcycle enthusiasts of all ages really fits the bill in offering Baby Boomer riders comfort and stability while still experiencing the thrill of traditional motorcycles.

The "Bionic Gloves" offer benefits to everyone who wears them, but they really are handy (no pun intended) for Baby Boomers experiencing early signs of weakness, arthritis and loss of flexibility.

By looking at these two products are you starting to get a feeling that maybe the corporate world is finally starting to take notice of the needs of the aging population and ultimately the potential buying power that the Baby Boomer generation can offer?

Well, if that’s what you are thinking, then I think you are right.

Oops, I Left the Garage Door Open

I have found several more products in my research that I think you would be very interested in.

For instance, didn't we talk about the fact that Baby Boomers have a slight tendency, from time to time, to lose track of thing they are doing?

We might be a tad forgetful sometimes.

You know what I mean right?

We might be a tad forgetful sometimes.

We are busy people.

Our days are so full that some of the small details may slip our notice.

Like what you might ask?

OK, here’s a great example.

Let me ask you a question:

Are you 100% sure that you closed the garage door behind you when you left the house this morning?

I know, now you are saying to yourself: 

“Why in the heck did I have to go and bring that up?”

Because I ask myself that question all of the time...............That’s why.

Picture my morning routine.

Is it a lot like yours?

I back my car out the garage.

All of my "crap" is carefully arranged on the seat next to me or on the floor.

I turn on my AC, turn on the radio, set up my Bluetooth connection and turn off the Wi-Fi on my phone.

Then I log my destination into the navigation screen, grab a couple more sips of my coffee and head down the street.

And.......just as I turn through the first curve I quickly look back to see if I hit the remote to close the door.

Most of the time.

So you are probably asking yourself now: 

"Is there a product that will keep me from worrying about this little nuisance every morning?"

Well, fellow Baby Boomers I am about to bring a smile to your face.

There is such a product and it was invented by a fine and upstanding Baby Boomer gentleman named James Quintus.
                           Today’s Perfect Product for Baby Boomers:

                                         The Garage Butler

This new device, the "Garage Butler"  has one purpose in life and that is to automatically close your garage door if you accidentally leave it open.

As soon as I read about this product I thought to myself: 

“Why didn't I think of that?”

This simple electronic device attaches directly to your existing automatic garage door opener button.

It works in conjunction with your garage door opener and has sensors that tell it when the door is open or closed. 

Super Simple.

Basically, you can now forget about the garage door completely.

You can set the Garage Butler to automatically close your garage door after 3, 10, 20, 30, 45, or 60 minutes.

No more looking back or wondering if the door is shut once you get to work.

And the Garage Butler has you covered coming and going.

It has a light sensor as well, so it can be set up to close your garage door automatically when it gets dark after you return home in the evenings.

How many times have your neighbors across the street (Tom & Judy) had to call you to let you know you left your garage door open?

For me, it has been an embarrassing amount of times.

The Garage Butler also has a built in siren that will alert your nearest neighbors that you left the damn door open again.
Don't forget about the added security a Garage Butler offers as well.

Experts say that 45% of all home invasions and burglaries happen when a garage door is left open.

I don't know about you but I could always use a little more peace of mind.
Once again, just let me clarify here that my discussion today about the Garage Butler is completely and absolutely unsolicited.

I have not received any compensation for this review and have not been contacted by the company in any way.

I saw the product on line; researched it and saw that it fit a need that we all share and it looks like it does it very well.

If you have any products that you have run across that you think would benefit our fellow Baby Boomers, please tell us about them in the comments section.

Tomorrow, I’ll be bringing you even more cool products that are perfectly designed to fit the "active lifestyle" needs of our aging generation.
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