The past couple of days I shared with you some very cool products that fit the needs of Baby Boomers very well even though they were probably not initially developed to target our generation specifically.

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Today, Baby Boomers, I am going to get ahead of the game.

It never hurts to prepare for the future does it?

Although we may not be in the stage of our lives yet where we have to worry about fall prevention, it is good to know that tech companies across the world are actively working on solutions to this problem.
What am I talking about?

Have you ever lost your balance and had to catch yourself from falling?

Maybe you stood up too fast and got a little dizzy.

Maybe the surface you were walking on changed from tile to carpet and you stumbled as the hit the threshold.

Maybe the incline of the surface you were walking on had a sudden change sloping upward, downward or sideways faster than you thought.

Maybe these situations don’t pose a dangerous falling threat to us yet, but we all know that they can in the future as our sense of balance weakens right along with our eyesight, muscle elasticity and bone density.
The fear of falling is an issue I am sure rests in the backs of the minds of every Baby Boomer.

We have all watched our parents and older friends begin to lose their sense of balance and come to rely on the help of canes, walkers and finally wheel chairs for their mobility.

Unfortunately, everyone falls.

We've all fallen before in our life and as we grow older not only do our chances of falling increase but the consequences from falling become more life altering.

Falls can and do cause severe injuries, require hospitalization and sometimes corrective surgeries and joint replacements.

Experts estimate that 1 out of 3 people age 65 and over falls every year and this adds up to a $75 billion dollar issue in the US alone due to the costs of hospital care, surgeries, post-op care, lost time at work and admissions to assisted living and rehabilitation facilities.

These costs are only the tip of the iceberg when you compare them to the social and personal problems encountered by the person that falls as well as the families and friends that are needed to help with assistance and recovery.


      Today’s Perfect Product for Baby Boomers:

                            B Shoes

So, is there a solution?

Right now there is no complete solution for falls.

No one product can actually prevents falls.

There are aids and supports that can delay the fall, decrease the damage and even alert a person when it’s happening but that is as far as the help goes.

Well, the world of technology started to catch  up to this issue in 2011 when a Israeli team of world class Engineers,  Orthopedic Surgeons, Neurologists and Physicians specializing in human biomechanics, neurology and balance disorders formed a company and developed an effective and practical solution called the “B-Shoe.”

The “B-Shoe” (Balancing Shoe), the product developed and engineered by “B-Shoe Technologies” is a standard walking shoe that enables the elderly to regain their balance and avoid falling.

The “B-Shoe” is the only equilibrium assistance device to date that actually prevents the fall and regains balance for the person wearing it.
Here’s how it works:

Our sense of balance is primarily controlled by the “Vestibular System” a maze-like structure in our inner ear called the labyrinth.

It is made up of bone and soft tissue.

Our vestibular system (guided mainly by gravity) works with other systems in the body, such as our visual system (eyes) and skeletal system (bones and joints), to constantly check and maintain the position of our body as it moves. 

As we age, these systems become less efficient and the communication between them breaks down.

As a person begins to fall, the body wants to correct its balance by moving our legs backward ("backward step"), thus increasing the base of support.

However, due to the deterioration of balance functions and reflexes as we age, the backward step is often taken too late, too slow and inaccurately, which leads to a fall.

The “B-Shoe” is a standard looking walking shoe that contains motion sensors that monitor a wearer’s walking pattern and a tractor device that is automatically activated if a wearer becomes unsteady on their feet. 

What it does is roll one foot backward just slightly, restoring balance.
According to their website the “B-Shoe” uses ultra-light components and a balance driving mechanism that incorporates microprocessors, in-sole pressure sensors and computer “smart” algorithms to shift your shoe (and leg) to the proper position to restore balance.

As development proceeds, "B-Shoe Technologies" intends to integrate two additional features into their shoes: An alert system for potential obstacles to avoid accidental falls and a mechanism to cope with falls caused by lateral imbalance.

Unfortunately the “B-Shoe” is not available to the mass market yet but the company has been able to achieve several significant milestones to date, including extensively tested prototypes and completion of verification/validation testing in a Gait Laboratory with excellent results.  

Although the shoe is still in development, the company has run a “crowd funding” campaign to raise additional development funds and increase awareness of their project. 

If things go well, it is expected that in two years this product will be sanctioned for mass production just as our Baby Boomer generation will begin to need them.
You know, our Baby Boomer generation likes to look, feel and act young and we will keep up these efforts even as our own bodies begin to betray us physically.

The “B-Shoe” is another discreet and functional way to combat the aging process and retain our “active living” lifestyles without looking weak or dependent.

Obviously, the problem of accidental falls is not only going to be with us for the long term, it will become much worse every year as our Baby Boomer life expectancy increases.

Once again, just let me clarify here that my discussion today about the “B-Shoe” is completely and absolutely unsolicited.

I have not received any compensation for this review and have not been contacted by the company in any way.

I saw the product on line; researched it and saw that it fit a future need that we will all share and it looks like they doing it very well.

If you have any products that you have run across that you think would benefit our fellow Baby Boomers, please tell us about them in the comments section.

Tomorrow, I’ll be bringing you even more cool products that are perfectly designed to fit the "active lifestyle" needs of our aging generation.
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