I knew, somewhere in the back of my mind that the day would eventually come that I would find myself talking to my fellow Baby Boomers about today’s topic.

What is surprising is that it has only been 15 months since I began my blog and here I am already facing one of the most delicate, censored and taboo subjects known to man.

What is even more surprising is that now that I have researched this subject I am flabbergasted by the incredible amount of exposure (hint #1) this topic has on the internet.

It seems that everyone likes to write about this topic.

And if you haven’t written about it, then you are commenting, reviewing and expounding (hint #2) on the topic with your thoughts, claims, observations and personal experiences.

This is a subject that I truthfully have never talked about in person.

In fact, in the 50+ years that I have lived I have never heard anyone bring up the subject in a conversation around me.

Oh, sure, it gets made mention of in offhand and funny comments every so often by my male friends but this is usually when there is alcohol in the mix.

I’m not completely sure, but, I think women talk about it all of the time when they are together.
So, today the fates have aligned themselves.

If you have been following along, you know that I have discussed several “perfect products” for our baby boomer generation over the past week.

I've reviewed products like motorcycles that are easier to handle, shoes that keep us from falling, automatic garage door closers, devices that help us monitor our medications and even gloves that make golfing, gardening and exercise easier.

It’s time to get a grip on myself (hint #3) and wrap my hands around (hint #4) today’s product that I consider perfectly designed to fit the "active lifestyle" needs of our aging generation.

Well, maybe just the male baby boomer population although there is definitely an upside (hint #5) for the female population as well.


That’s right folks, if you haven’t figured it out by the hints yet,  I am going to talk about penis size.

I am going to venture a guess that most men feel that their penis is too small.

Maybe I should rephrase that.

What I really mean is most men wish they had a larger penis.

Most women I have known would probably describe me as a relatively secure and confident man even when it comes to subject of sexual performance and penis size.

Without getting too deep into the subject I am not afraid to admit that I have a very good looking penis and the architecture of my unit is safely above average.

How do I know this?


With all of the discussions, reviews, forums and surveys these days on the internet anybody can get a pretty good idea where they stand.

Don’t tell me that there is a man alive out there who hasn't, at one time or another, curiously surfed the internet looking for some sort of affirmation on this subject.


That being said, I still wish I had a bigger penis.

I wish I had the biggest penis in the world.

OK, maybe not, but something that really stands out in a crowd and yet is still quite functional would be nice.

But, on the more serious side, I know there are baby boomer men that were not as lucky as some in the “manhood” draft.

Humans are but a complex combination of the genes afforded to them by their ancestry.

We have no choice in what we look like, how much hair we have, what color our eyes are or what size our breasts or penis may be.

We are given the cards we are dealt.

But, modern technology has afforded us the ability to enhance and augment the physical attributes we were born with if we are not completely happy with them.

We can work out to improve muscle definition.

We can add nutrients and supplements to our diets to improve skin appearance or fullness of our hair.

We can add breast implants, lip implants, hair implants and facial implants.

And men we can pump our way to a bigger and stronger penis.
While there are hundreds, if not thousands, of different “male enhancement” products available today ranging from pills, pumps, exercises and doctor proscribed medications to full-fledged surgical procedures, I chose to talk about the Hydromax Bathmate because of its simplicity and functionality for our aging baby boomer demographic.

Hydromax Bathmate, created by Brand One, Inc. is an uncomplicated and straightforward male enhancement product that claims to be the number one penis enlargement pump in USA.

For aging men, the worry of a smaller penis is now compounded with the fear of erection and performance issues.

We just don’t raise the flag, stand at attention and give a one gun salute like we used to.
So what can a penis pump do for you?

The upside (sorry) of using a penis pump is that it not only gives a relatively quick solution to achieving an erection but if used for a period of time may actually alter your penis size.

The vacuum or sucking action immediately sends increased blood flow into the penis which is what an erection is all about.

If used continually, for a prescribed period of time and as directed, the pumping exercise improves blood flow and maximizes the capability of the penis to hold more blood in an erection.

By design, the Hydromax Bathmate is a water vacuum pump.

You use the Hydromax in the shower or in the tub and the manufacturer claims that this unique water pump:
"creates a vacuum which expands the penis to full erection, and in most cases, slightly more."

While you are showering or bathing you fill the pump with water.

You insert your penis into the tube and press it several times against your body.

As you do this, a vacuum is created and the force draws more blood into your penis bringing it to a full erection.

Then you basically carry on with your bath or shower and let the Hydromax do its thing.

After a few minutes you depress the release valve to empty the water and pressure.

You fill it again several times and follow the same procedure until you reach the suggested 15 minute limit.

The entire process is clean, relatively easy, and once you get the hang of it, I have read that it is kind of enjoyable.

The primary reason I chose to feature the Hydromax Bathmate pump is because of the substantial amount of positive vs. negative responses to the product I found in my research.

Like I said earlier, there are more penis enhancement products than you (sorry) can shake a stick at.

The Bathmate truly appears to have a positive effect on your ability to get an erection and if used according to instructions may even add some size to your penis.

Now don’t expect to grow five sizes instantly.

Most reviews state that the improvements are in percentages of inches with the most quoted length increase of ¼ inch.

There are many reviews that state larger gains and stronger erections over time.

My purpose here is not extol the benefits of pumping your penis to stardom but to offer you a viable option, as an aging baby boomer, to try and use a product that offers a solution to problems you may be experiencing.

If you use the pump with the mind-set that it is a tool to improve blood flow to your penis then I believe you will be very happy with how it performs.


There are some caveats when using the Hydromax (or any penis pump) so make sure to check out the website and read all instructions thoroughly.

Once again, just let me clarify here that my discussion today about the “Hydromax Bathmate” is completely and absolutely unsolicited.

Like all of my past product reviews, I saw the product on line; researched it and saw that it fit a need that we all share and it looks like it does it very well.

Hey, if the manufacturer reads my blog and is nice enough to send me one to try out then I will definitely do a follow up review in the future.

I have always been the kind of guy to take one for the team.

Also, let me make it clear that I am not a doctor, not have I ever played one on television.

My recommendation and discussion of this product in no way implies that I have any technical expertise or can make any substantiated claims in regards to using a penis pump or about health issues in general.

If you have any experience with this product or any penis enhancement products I would love to hear your story and share it with my baby boomer followers.

Hey, if you have any products that you have run across, like I have been talking about the past few days, that you think would benefit our fellow Baby Boomers, please tell us about them in the comments section.

Tomorrow, I’ll be bringing you even more cool products that are perfectly designed to fit the "active lifestyle" needs of our baby boomer generation.

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