Perfect Products for Baby Boomers 7 - handSteady

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that can get aggravating for our baby boomer generation.

For instance, what is more irritating than spilling your cup of morning coffee or tea all over your nice clothes while getting dressed up to go to work.

Or, do you find it difficult to drink with standard cups because you suffer from limited dexterity, arthritis in your hands or weakness and pain in your joints and muscles.

Well, a gentleman from England named Chris Peacock has invented a product I feel meets the standards of my list of perfect products for baby boomers.

Chris noticed that a family member of his, afflicted with a medical condition called tremors, was having extreme difficulties maneuvering their drinks.

He saw how embarrassing and inconvenient it was for them to even enjoy a simple cup of tea.

Most of the complications came from the design of the conventional cup they were using.

So he set out to invent a product to help and in the end created the “handSteady.”

Standard cup design has remained basically the same for thousands of years.

Most are made of heavy ceramic making them tiresome to hold up.

The handles are designed to be more decorative and most only allow you to hold them with 2 or 3 fingers.

And the worst part of the design is that the handles are fixed in one position.

Fixed handles are ergonomically difficult to work with.

They force you to constantly twist your wrist and raise your elbow when you drink.

The deeper you get into your drink the further you have to tilt your head back.

For us aging baby boomers this action can require a lot effort and can sometimes be painful.

It’s amazing that in this age of incredible technological advancements where we can send people to the edges of the universe, clone humans or create copies of 3 dimensional objects that the standard design of a coffee cup has remained in the dark ages.

You have to ask yourself, like Chris Peacock did:

Why isn't there a better cup than what is currently available”

Well, the good news baby boomers, is that the handSteady instantly offers you a better drinking experience by solving the aggravating problems found with conventional cups. 

What makes it so unique?

In simplest terms it is light, it has an over-sized handle and it is the first cup to come with a completely rotatable handle.


Being light weight (31% lighter than standard cups) makes the "handSteady" easier to hold and less likely to drop. 

But the “handSteady” still has an 8 ounce capacity which makes it an ideal size for one cup of coffee, tea or any beverage of your choice.


The over-sized handle with a patented "Double Arc" design is a key feature because it needed to be adaptable to many different people with many different physical conditions and constraints. 

It is large enough to hold with 4 fingers making the cup more secure even for older folks with a weak grip.

The design offers a secure fit for sliding your fingers in and out and a thin profile offering even more grip stability. 

The handle is placed close to the axis of gravity to make the cup feel lighter and because of its rotational feature it can be used upside down for even more stability.

The handle even incorporates a finger guard to prevent burns from hot liquids.


The “handSteady” uses gravity to keep the cup and your drink upright.

This means that you can hold the handle at any comfortable drinking angle unlike standard cups which can only be held at one vertical position.

You can lift “handSteady” cup to your mouth without bending your wrist.

If you accidentally move your wrist forward, the “handSteady” will stay upright to prevent embarrassing and sometimes costly inconvenient spillages.

It is also much easier to reach for the cup without having to twist your body.

You can grasp the handle upside down, bring it to your mouth in a smooth 180 degree motion and avoid twisting your body if the cup is on a side table.

So, what’s so different about this rotatable handle technology?

Basically, this feature is a patent pending mechanism consisting of two self-lubricating ball bearings and a strong fastening structure which allows for simple 360 degree revolution of the handle.

Who would have thought that something as simple as a common coffee cup would make us feel so technologically challenged?

What a great idea huh?

If you have been following along with my past 6 articles on the “perfect products for baby boomers” you will already know that my discussion today about the “handSteady” is completely and absolutely unsolicited.

Like all of my past product reviews, I saw the product on line; researched it and saw that it fit a need that we all share and it looks like it does it very well.

Hey, if you have any products that you have run across, like I have been talking about the past few days, that you think would benefit our fellow Baby Boomers, please tell us about them in the comments section.

Tomorrow, I’ll be bringing you another cool product that I feel is perfectly designed to fit the "active lifestyle" needs of our baby boomer generation.

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