From a day at the beach from a typical bath time, nothing spoils your peace of mind like children arguing over whose item is whose. End the squabbles by personalising items for each child. This not only ends the battle but the personalisation makes each child feel special. This makes personalised items the perfect gift from grandparents and other loved ones.

1.     Stop Lost Items

Nothing puts a dent in your budget and annoyance to your day like kids misplacing their items at school, nursery, and camp. Avoid the cost and aggravation with personalised towels and duffle bags. These are perfect for children when they are going to sport events or the pool.

For smaller items, buy shoe labels and clothing labels to attach before your child starts school or nursery. A few minutes effort may save you plenty money for lost items.

Personalised items help to teach children to be responsible for their own belongings. Chores they might dread suddenly don’t seem so bad when they involve keeping track of a cute princess or dinosaur towel. With their name on it, children are more less likely to lose items or mistreat them.

2.     Help Teach Reading

If you have a reluctant reader in your family, adding personalised text to their belongings can be a great way to get them interested in learning letters. Beyond adding their names, you can include other text to make the gift extra special.

3.     End the Bath Time Battle

Many kids hate taking baths, making every night a stressful struggle for parents. This can disturb the whole family and cut into quality fun time. One way to help shift bath time from a chore to a fun event is to add elements that will make the bath more fun for your child. This can include special bath toys but often that isn’t enough. Even children who don’t mind time in the bath can become disruptive when it is time to towel off and get ready for bed.

A towel personalised with an embroidered graphic they’ll love along with their name will be a good start to bath truce. Another option is to skip the towel and go straight to a snuggly, absorbent bathrobe. This can get kids dry and keep them warm without a towel battle. Try the Children's Velour Snuggle Buddy Poncho which is an updated take on the bathrobe. It slips over the head so no ties or wrap skills are needed. The modern, sleeveless design makes it perfect for baths, trips to the pool, or the as a cover-up at the beach.


4.     Exceptional Guest Towels

If your home or business has visitors, adding personalised guest towels can be a great way to go. Mix and match different embroidery on a matching set of towels so you can assign one towel to each visitor while they’re there. It’ll be easier for guest to remember if they have the towel with the crown or the owl. This helps to keep your bathroom organized and hygienic.


For businesses with guest towels, embroidery designs can include the company name and/or logo to make a great impression on your clients. Having towels in different colours or other variations can also make it easy to keep track of whether the towels have been changed out and cleaned when scheduled. This keeps your office bathroom cleaner and more professional.