Anniversary is the time of celebration in a huge way because by now you have figured out that one cannot live without the other. Be it the 1st or the 25th year of anniversary, each year is important in building a union that is rock solid. With each year, you just polish the bond to shine brightly. So, for your special day, there are some anniversary cake ideas that are depicted below:

Butterscotch Cake for 1st Anniversary: The first year of marriage is generally one of the most memorable ones. The sweetness of romance is still fresh and the husband and wife are still discovering each other. So, for this day keeping a butterscotch cake would be great. The crunchy sweet brown sugar when melts in your mouth gives a blissful feeling. May your days ahead be as sweet and creamy as this cake. With this wish, send this lovely cake to the one who is celebrating anniversary.

Black Forest Cake for 5th Anniversary: One of the oldest and much loved cake of this world is a Black Forest Cake. This is one of the famous variant of a chocolate cake. In a typical Black Forest Cake, we find several layers of chocolate sponge cakes sandwiched with whipped cream and cherries. The look of the cake is quite ravishing to be presented as a wedding anniversary cake. The cake is further decorated with whipped cream, maraschino cherries, and chocolate shavings. Some people also use raspberry juice in between the layers of the cake and therefore the interesting mix of these flavors give a smooth and satisfying taste to this cake.

Chocolate Truffle Cake for 10th Anniversary: In the 10th year, the couple has known each other quite well. They can close their eyes and say exactly how the other person would react to a certain situation. They become more confident about each other. By 10th year, they are proud parents and that brings them much closer and responsible towards life. They now jointly live for their child. The love and romance they share is quite like the taste of the Chocolate Truffle cake which is old yet mesmerizing. Greet the couple you know with this variant of chocolate cake on their 10th year of togetherness.

Red Velvet Cake for 20th Anniversary: Spending two decades of life with a person who was not a family member for the other half of the life is something like an achievement for sure. You have grown up with your family and when the other person enters your life as your life partner for the rest of life, initially, it seems to be difficult with new adaptations and adjustments. But with love, everything seems like a cheesecake! Now, when you have spent twenty years with each other, there are only achievements that you have gathered as a couple. On your anniversary day, bring a lavish red velvet cake and greet your partner. A normal chocolate sponge cake is baked with red food color or color extracted from beetroot and it is layered with white cream cheese.

Designer Tier Cake for 25th Anniversary: The silver jubilee year of course deserves a cake that would be the other center of attraction in the party. Order for the designer tier cake as 25th anniversary cake and surprise your partner in a great way. You can get your desired shape and tiers in any famous online cake shops.