Maui and all Hawaiian islands are places of such mystical connection to nature that merely visiting and seeing is not enough. You have to feel these magical places, connect with the land, its stones as well as its living creatures, its towering mountains and its lush valleys as well as the placid waters of its sheltered bays and the churning fire of its volcanoes. 

This eBook offers you the real feel of these places. Its an adventure travel that helps you connect with the magic of the land, to powerful places and have a transformative experience. This e-book doesn’t tell you just what to see, it guides you how to experience and assimilate it. Better still, I have included a number of special secret, less known power spots to help you connect with the magic of Maui at a deeper level. 

This little ebook transforms your travel into a magical experience. Your vacation becomes a 'Journey'. From secret power spots to sacred stones, from a little known nature preserve to the sublime view from Kukuipuka temple, this kindle book is a perfect and intimate companion to take on your journey to Polynesia.

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Places of Magic MAUI: 10 Places of Power and Beauty; Including Secret Power Spots


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