They don’t call retirement the golden years for nothing. People in the third age have much more time for their friends, grandchildren and above all, for themselves. Therefore, since retirement is a huge milestone, it’s fitting to celebrate it with a nice party. From the garden bash in the evening, through a big gala on a Saturday night and to a themed party, the choices for the retirement celebration are more than versatile. However, no matter the type of party you choose, you must plan it meticulously.


Pick the type of the party

There really are no set rules for the type of party you should host. Therefore, you can consider both a luncheon during the workday as well as a sporting event on a Saturday afternoon. On the other hand, a big gala on Saturday evening could also be a great way to welcome the retiree into the golden years of their life. If you’re on budget, drinks after work are also a suitable choice and would probably mean a lot to a person. This is especially true if you commemorate this event at your favourite hangout or the bar that you went to while you were working together. Furthermore, it would be a great idea to orchestrate a theme party. This way you might turn a golf tournament into an exciting little venture.

Choose the venue

If you’d like to plan a massive bash with numerous guests, than choosing a big enough venue is a priority. However, make sure you know how many guests will be attending and find the venue according to the guest list. It’s always best to find the place that’s somewhat bigger than you’d planned for, so that there is room for various entertaining activities. It’s essential that you provide the guests with delicious food and drinks, so don’t forget to find a good catering company. What’s more, if the party will be outdoors, and in hot weather, the food will have to be preserved well, while drinks should always be cold and fresh. This is why you should find a reliable mobile coolroom for hire, which will be the best storage for your delicious treats.

Include games

Children are not the only one who enjoy a good game during their party. Therefore, having a night filled with entertaining activities is one of the best ways to celebrate the retirement. Think about organizing a quiz in which the contestants will have to answer the questions regarding the retiree’s life. Furthermore, “Smash the alarm clock” happens to be one of the favourite games of future retiree’s since this pesky little thing is the most annoying device of every working person. Smashing it to bits with a hammer would be a fun game, and a symbolic way to say goodbye to waking up early and setting the alarm clock each day.

Honor the retiree

This party is all about celebrating the retiree, so aside from giving an emotional speech, you could consider honoring them in many other ways. Having a notebook in which the guests could write something about the retiree would be nice. Furthermore, videotaping each guest individually so that they could leave a message for the retiree would definitely be the perfect present.


Final thoughts


Third age is the best one to come, so reaching that milestone should be accordingly celebrated. Think about the type of the party you’d like to host, whether it’s going to be small, big, themed or regular. Look for the perfect venue, think about the food, and don’t forget the entertainment. With a set of exciting games, nice music and good atmosphere, everyone will have a good time and remember this event for a long time.