Bao Wo Automobile (China) Co., Ltd. vice president and general manager of marketing company Jia Yaquan from the Baowo car left the news spread like wildfire Has left and joined Chery Automobile. Jia Yaquan's office has been served Sensor  as the former president of Foton Liza Heavy Machinery Liang Zhaowen, Po Wo car said the personnel changes are normal personnel changes, is based on the future needs of the global strategy.

    Foton Motor is a treasure car, but has always been to Germany's high-end brand itself, Po Wo car in marketing and Futian brand has nothing to do, the 'Fukuda Department' executives come with the arrival of Po Wo car Department of origin of the brand positioning there is a 'contradiction'. In this regard, Po Wo car (China), vice president and general manager of marketing company Liang Zhaowen said in an interview: 'Po Wo car will be Temperature Sensor the global market layout.As a transnational car company, Baowo car executives will Market strategy, product strategy changes, the adjustment is based on Powo global projects and global resources in the context of integration considerations.

   Jia Yiquan has served as deputy general manager of Great Wall Motor Sales Company, general manager of Futian Automobile domestic sales, vice president of Baowo car and other positions, familiar with the automobile circulation system, in the field of vehicle sales have many years of actual combat experience. During the tenure of the Great Wall Motor, he personally made the Harvard H6 into a burst of models, and officially opened the Great Wall car into the city SUV development path; during the service period, in its first model BX7 time to market less than one year Under the creation of nearly 40,000 annual sales, and within a year to build 120 Po Wo car dealers, for this return to the public vision of the brand to lay the foundation. From the real sales of products to the present, Po Wo car models sales cycle less than two years. It is precisely because of this, for the sales CEOs change, the industry view a lot. Liang Zhaowen was the president of Reza Heavy Machinery. During his service, he worked successfully with Daimler in China. He was proficient in German enterprise style and had an international perspective. He was responsible for the adjustment and integration of Reza's heavy machinery business. After the new, Liang Zhaowen Speed Sensor will be responsible for the new round of Po Wo car brand building. However, there are industry insiders pointed out that with the long-term sales in the line compared to Jia Yaquan, the office of Liang Zhaowen seems to lack a little first-line marketing experience.

   Po Wo will be in the B-G-W global strategy to promote the new energy, intelligent German high-quality products and global advantages of resources integration, and based on Germany, the layout of the global way, the global market layout. According to Liang Zhaowen, in June this year, Powo's first SUV model BX7 has passed the EU vehicle type certification, Po Wo car European 'industrial 4.0' intelligent factory will start next year production line construction, plans to put into operation in 2019. In the future, Powo will continue to strengthen the construction of channels, production and services, and actively layout Southeast Asia, South America, Latin America and other markets, the personnel adjustment is out of the needs of the future global strategy. Powo also for the next globalization and the development of young needs to make a series of personnel changes. Po Wo original brand communication executive director Guo Tiefu was promoted to Baowei Automobile Group Marketing Company executive Throttle Position Sensor vice president, with Lexus marketing experience Li Jia served as vice president of Po Wo Automobile Group Marketing Company and vice president of engineering research, Internationally renowned 4A advertising company Zhang Xi Yang served as deputy general manager of Po Wo Automotive Group marketing company.

   In the personnel adjustment at the same time, Po Wo car is also experiencing the decline in sales models. From the first half of 2017 car sales data can be seen that the current passenger car market growth is slowing. For the major car brands, this means more difficult challenges and tests. China's auto market is experiencing a rapid development stage, at this stage, the user is easy to accept the fresh car products, by virtue of the loud market promotion can make car manufacturers faster access to the first batch of users, that is, people often say ' A group of people who eat crabs. ' However, to attract the first batch of users rely on publicity, in order to retain and develop more users are more need for excellent product quality.

   BX5 is a compact SUV for Po Wo cars, which is priced lower than the BX7. For luxury car brands, the relatively low-priced entry-level models are usually sold at higher prices than higher-priced models. And the reason why the two models Volvo car sales volume is not as good as the original one model, and entry-level car sales are not as high-priced models of the situation, is considered to be due to the quality of Po Wo car products and its German luxury car The brand positioning does not match. As the Po-wo car is Germany's high-end brand positioning cut into the market, so people will have their products have higher, more psychological expectations. From the moment, to further improve product quality, enhance after-sales service capability is the key step in the future development of Po Wo car. The first half of this year, imports of car sales to resume growth, low-cost MPV market gradually shrinking from the current development of China's auto market situation, passenger car consumption upgrade has become the mainstream trend. In this context, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi and other German high-end brands in the rapid update of existing products have been based on the introduction Pressure Switch of a private custom nature of the personalized models, Geely, Great Wall, Guangzhou Automobile Chuanqi and other independent brands have begun gradually The introduction of collar grams, WEY, Guangzhou Chuanqi GS8 and other high-end brands or models. Compared with the car prices, Po Wo car is hoping to boost consumer confidence through the life insurance policy, increase the brand premium, and to achieve the purpose of a win-win situation with the dealer.

   The number of channels and vehicle sales complement each other, if the model sales can not meet the dealer channel profit demand, then the rapid growth of the sales channel is likely to have a negative impact on the car brand.