The automobile industry itself is a large number of experiments based on the industry, the traditional car test site area has a certain size, mainly to do car performance assessment, including crash testing, noise testing, etc. ... ... so smart grid car Of the R \u0026 D, only in the laboratory is clearly not complete. In order to ensure the safe driving Sensor of the intelligent network car, its development in the test link is bound to solve a series of problems, to create a smart network R \u0026 D, testing and deployment of the environment; the establishment of intelligent network of automotive technology standards and norms; Joint car test policy and related laws and regulations.

   The development of the Internet, such as Changan, SAIC, Guangzhou Automobile, Beiqi, Dongfeng, BYD, Chery, Geely and other traditional car prices, but also attracted the development of the traditional car prices, such as the Internet smart terminal, new energy, car intelligent networking, unmanned driving technology There are music, Bo Tai, Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and other Internet information Suction Control Valve companies involved, these companies are trying to cross-border cooperation, investment and acquisition, etc. to actively carry out the industrial chain and supply chain layout. In the field of intelligent network of vehicles, for the car network system, the traditional car prices are generally the general map and the car car's own sensors, adding to the intelligent network of the system; and Internet companies are to play their own advantages, the high-precision map plus Three-dimensional laser industry to do the entrance. The former plays a leading role in our country, which also requires that it require a strong car network platform to do the support, and the platform of the application of the peripheral involved a number of sensing chip and hardware manufacturers, vehicle terminal manufacturers, network operators, vehicles Positioning service providers, need a number of common platform for the provision of support.

  China's car network need to jump out of the traditional car confinement, the establishment of collaborative car network of new markets and new industrial ecology. The biggest feature of the new ecology is through the car network on the car, maintenance, finance, insurance, transportation, transportation, security, the traditional areas and consumers to optimize the business model to obtain new value. Various car networking associations should make efforts in this area to find the entry point for rapid adoption and value in many industries. With the new industrialization Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor and urbanization, China's auto market will maintain steady growth, coupled with differentiated, diversified consumer demand, new technology applications and new models continue to emerge for the Chinese brand smart network car provides a huge space for development.

   Intelligent network car is China's auto industry to seize the commanding heights of the future, is the transformation and upgrading of the national auto industry, from the big and stronger an important breakthrough. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is stepping up efforts to study the guidance for industrial development and promoting the establishment of inter-ministerial coordination mechanisms under the leading group of manufacturing powers. The next step will be to strengthen top-level design, develop standards and regulations, break through key technologies, upgrade infrastructure, International exchanges, enhance information security and other aspects of work. With the advancement of the policy, SmartNet will be able to provide safer, more energy efficient, environmentally friendly and comfortable travel and integrated solutions. 'In the future, the smart network car on the road, not only can achieve real-time online listening to music and Internet map navigation, etc. At the same time, the vehicle can be connected to the driving computer, access to more vehicle information for follow-up services, such as the detection fuel metering valve of the car Oil information, tell you how many kilometers need to refuel, and even directly to complete the consumption of O2O.As an intelligent network car, an important carrier of smart cars, car network is the intelligent network through the vehicle self-organizing network and a variety of heterogeneous The interconnection between the network, the realization of the car and car, car and the cloud and the car and the interconnection between the home.According to the car network, the intelligent car will be rapid development, not only through the cloud service platform to connect the Internet, Car to achieve a variety of ways between the information exchange and sharing, an effective solution to the daily life of vehicle traffic congestion problems, to avoid man-made driving in the presence of arbitrary overtaking phenomenon, increase vehicle traffic, reduce vehicle fuel consumption and reduce emissions. More importantly, it can greatly enhance the safety of the car at high speed.

  The basic technology of intelligent interconnection, such as car electronic front-end, wireless system, navigation system, vehicle Internet system and advanced driving assistance system from vehicle itself, will be broken in the next few years. 2018, the fifth generation of automotive electronic front-end will appear, then the smart antenna equipment will be more communications, including V2V, V2X's ability to integrate into the car-related information to Ethernet to the intelligent network. With the development of 5G technology, based on Temperature Sensor the car network system, intelligent network of vehicles can also achieve faster, real-time perception, support the vehicle to take the initiative to avoid collision, and these are calculated in millimeters and requirements.