A Look at the Pompano Beach Real Estate Market


With a historic downtown and an amazing beachfront that are currently being revitalized, it is not difficult to see why Pompano Beach is often listed as one of the country’s top real estate markets as well as favorite vacation home markets. With a lot of people flocking towards this sunny coastal city north of Florida’s Fort Lauderdale, it would be advantageous for anyone who is considering on relocating to this city to have a closer look at the Pompano Beach real estate market. Here are some figures that you would like to consider.

·         11 – The percentage increase in the sales price of Pompano Beach homes that were sold in the previous year. This simply attests to the city’s charm as a favorite destination for retirees and other individuals who may like to experience a taste of Florida sunshine amid a backdrop of blue Atlantic Ocean. This is in contrast to the 2 percent decline in median home sales for Fort Lauderdale. 

·         190 – The average price, in dollars, per square foot of property. This is actually an 11.8 percent increase from the previous year. While it may seem pricey, it still is more affordable than Fort Lauderdale’s average per square foot price of $253. 

·         199 – The median sales price of homes, in thousands of dollars, in Pompano Beach. Compare this with Fort Lauderdale’s median home sales price of $306,000 and it is easy to see why people continue to flock to this bustling city. 

·         1,949 – The median monthly rent, in dollars, in Pompano Beach. The price may be a lot similar to other bustling cities across the United States, it is still a lot more inexpensive compared to Fort Lauderdale’s $2,175 monthly rent.

The foregoing figures underscore the city’s growing importance in the real estate landscape of the country. Part of its appeal is in the ever-expanding infrastructure that aims to seamlessly connect the city to other parts of the state, the nation, and the world.

Also part of its appeal is its relatively lower crime rates compared to similar-sized cities across the States and in neighboring cities. Crime rates are one of the most important factors that potential buyers take into consideration before eventually committing to purchase and move into new location.


The Pompano Beach real estate market is growing at a steady pace. Its prices remain comparatively lower than other cities. But it’s the great mix of sun, sand, and surf that really makes it an ideal location to call home.