In the first half of this year, Porsche global and Chinese market performance record of the best, the Chinese market has surpassed the United States in 2016 to become the largest single market Porsche. Porsche 2017 in January and July Sensor in the Chinese market sales of 41,722, an increase of 12.9%, ranking the world's largest single market throne. While sales in China led the world at the same time, Porsche will continue to strengthen the Chinese market products and distributors layout, enhance the level of after-sales service.

  Porsche 911 continues to maintain its market leading position in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau sales rose 25% year on year, while China grew 38% year on year. 718 Boxster and 718 Cayman's sales are almost three times the same period last year, with more than 70% of the share in the same level of 'champion' to consolidate the Porsche in the consumer as a 'luxury sports car manufacturer' brand image. The new Panamera market feedback is good, orders continue to increase. The series has 13 derivative models, to meet the needs of consumers multi-scene car. Cayenne and Macan are still the most popular models, maintaining strong growth. Good sales results thanks Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor to the introduction of quality products, in fact, the rapid rise of Porsche in China not only break through their own launch of the first luxury SUV model Cayenne, but also benefit from more and more new products into China, The For Porsche in China at the right time to bring the right product will be successful. Next year the launch of the new 911 models. Will lead the advantages in the field of luxury SUV. Strengthen the advantages of the forum to enhance the overall product force, two new models will continue to help Porsche sales steadily steadily increased in China.

   Porsche China dealer network is steadily expanding, currently has a total of 98 Porsche Center, 100 Porsche Center is also about to land in China. In fact, in terms of dealer layout, Porsche's goal is not to increase the number of dealers, but rather the dealer's professionalism and service quality. Porsche will continue to train to enhance the level of service providers. In order to improve the quality of the dealer's marketing, Porsche provides professional training, but also actively expand new business areas, with a view to the competitive market environment ABS Sensor to ensure sustainable development. Porsche's excellent business project is a dealer optimization initiative designed to improve the operational capacity of each Porsche Center.

Shanghai Waigaoqiao Porsche Training Center provides world-class training for dealer employees. For example, the center uses virtual training, online and offline training and other new training tools and methods for the new Panamera designed a comprehensive set of listed training programs. For a brand of sports and competition into the blood, Porsche actively participate in the world's top events, the 19th in the Le Mans 24 hours endurance race in the selection of Guangxi, to achieve three consecutive championships. In addition, the brand also continue to promote the development of racing and sports car culture in China, not only to participate in a number of Asian regional competition, but also for China's personnel training. Porsche set up Porsche Speed Sensor China Car Club in April this year to build Porsche's online platform for Porsche owners in China, bringing Porsche exclusive experience. Just three months, Porsche China owners club members have reached 678. Over the snow, Porsche extreme experience, Porsche Global Roadshow and other brand activities to promote the sports car culture in China's development.
   Adhering to the future sustainable development strategy, Porsche not only seek today's success, but also focus on the future. Porsche 'Yi Cai Xin' corporate social responsibility project began in 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, now has entered the tenth year. Porsche China will also look to the growth of young art talent growth path, the potential of young artists. 'China Youth Artists Annual Award' is Porsche China based on the past in the field of youth art education experience 7 years and launched a new platform. The project aims to tap and support the domestic innovation Throttle Position Sensor and the spirit of the innovative young artists, the Chinese contemporary art for the current changes and future development, to provide fresh perspective and experiment.