Velodyne LiDAR (Velodyne LiDAR) released a new fixed laser solid-state radar sensor - Velarray LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging, light detection and ranging), the product is a durable vehicle with a small radar sensor, cost-effective, high performance Sensor The Velarray sensors are seamlessly embedded in autopilot vehicles and vehicles with advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS), which are expected to be operational in 2018.

  The new Velarray Lidar Sensors feature PowerDirect's patented Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) for good performance with a package size of 125 mm x 50 mm x 55 mm and can be embedded Vehicle predecessor, car side and four corners. This product can provide 120 degrees horizontal angle and 35 degrees vertical viewing angle, ranging from 200 meters, but also to identify the object with low reflectivity.

  Weideng radar in the development of solid-state laser radar sensor using a gallium monolithic integrated circuit (monolithic integrated circuit, GaN), which is with the Eprise (Efficient Power Conversion, EPC) research and development of products. Designers reinforce the sensor's components to make them smaller, dramatically reducing their reliability while significantly reducing costs. It is worth mentioning that the size of the integrated circuit is still less than 4 square millimeters. The automotive safety safety level (ASIL) rating is ASIL B, which provides security for safe driving of Class 4 and Class 5 automatic driving vehicles and ADAS vehicles. It is expected Suction Control Valve to achieve mass production. After its pricing in hundreds of dollars.

  Poweron plans to arrange for users to watch this core technology live demonstration this summer, plans to provide engineering design samples by the end of 2017. The product will be commissioned in 2018, by the power of its flagship factory in San Jose (Megafactory) is fuel metering valve responsible for mass production.

  Power in 2005 developed the first 3D real-time laser radar sensor and made a patent, its look-around sensor can provide 360-degree panoramic coverage, longer distance, the current product has been installed in thousands of cars. Velarray was developed by Velodyne Labs, a pioneer research Throttle Position Sensor and development group. The Velarray LiDAR sensor is small and technologically advanced, providing assistance for ADAS and autopilot vehicles.