At present, China's car ownership of nearly 200 million, the size of the market after the car or more than one trillion. Rising in the face of such a huge market, China's auto market after the current small scattered state can not adapt to Sensor the need for new models to adapt to the current market.

    With the rapid growth of car ownership, by 2018, the average age of Chinese cars is expected to exceed five years, and according to the development experience of developed countries, once the car age of more than 5 years, the car market will flourish, especially Spare parts manufacturers and maintenance service providers, will have access to high-value business. But China's auto market has been the existence of small, scattered, chaotic status has not been a fundamental change. At present, 4S shop is still the main channel for car repair and maintenance, and there Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor is a high price, service opacity and other defects. And more to the roadside store as the main form of independent maintenance shop, narrow range of services and maintenance quality is difficult to control.

   First of all depends on the standardization of + professional service process, many stores by the impact of electricity, profits continue to decline, we are talking about the two years more and more difficult to earn money, we want a question, why customers will spend money to you Home to go We spend 80% of the mind spent on training customers up, we should pay attention to customer experience, the establishment of customer credibility. One of the core of the standardization of stores is technical standardization. We have a lot of master in this industry, some Pressure Sensor of its technology is not inherited, and even convinced that 'the church apprentice starved to death master', the master to stay, the master of the apprentice has also become a master, vicious circle, leading to the level of the technical master of the store instability, The level is so uneven.

  Standardization is not complicated, the first is to develop standards, the second is the implementation of the third is the dressing. To develop a standardized premise: (1) to seize customer needs (2) choose a good standard project

  People without a letter, no to stand. Honesty is based on dealing with people, is an important business ethics. For the car after the market consumption of opaque, 4S shop frequent customer complaints and other issues, the need for market control needs online and offline synchronization control, many of our big brands in this area can not control, more chaos, so the store selling sell The price of the product is very opaque, resulting in a series of consumer opacity.

Systematization can start with the following:

1) to create a one-stop service experience, combined with online and offline;

2) business to establish Throttle Position Sensor a complete system, so that customers easy at a glance, search fast;

3) Format distribution specification, regional clear;

4) operation and management personnel to improve their quality and knowledge, standardization, system of customer service.