Whether it is online = line, the scene service or create emotional ties and other excellent aftermarket service ideas, must have Sensor a corresponding business model as the ultimate guarantee of landing, shop the way, the daily operation and management are services and Experience the 'infrastructure'.

    The traditional car after the market has been widely criticized, additional charges, jerry-building, shoddy, bullying market situation has occurred in a car for a family survey, almost every owner are more or less ' 'Over. After the online, the legacy of this traditional model must also be resolved, otherwise the user experience and recognition is out of the question. At present in the automotive market after the Internet platform, there are two different lines of business model: Direct and joined. Obviously, all walks of life direct business, although the assets Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor are more heavy, more difficult to operate, but in the user experience is better than joining the model. Car to enjoy the home of the direct mode has covered 100 + city, the establishment of 1100 + stores, ranked first in the industry, to ensure that the user experience spare no effort. For all the car workers are to provide five insurance a gold business, and those who can be linked to a card to join, filled with a variety of casual workers, temporary workers known as broken million platform, the user experience gap is self-evident.

   In the family, work outside, the car is worthy of the new space. Around the 'new space' to make a fuss, the business model there is more possible extension, the user experience there is more room to enhance the competitiveness of the car after the market can even jump out of the industry, marked to the new Internet logic, such as takeaway, Intelligent ecology and so on. In accordance with the 'new space' needs Temperature Sensor and experience requirements, the current post-market services provided by the market there is a big gap, because the new user-era era of user needs have been beyond the functional perspective, began to turn to emotional satisfaction. The brand should be able to give users a sense of security and satisfaction, and users to establish long-term trust relationship.

   At present, the car has become a home, car, store between the emotional contacts to help owners and car to establish a partnership to help users and the store to form a neighbor-like tacit understanding rather than the relationship between buyers and sellers, but also help owners based on Common hobbies, based on the same model, based on the same community to form a community, and ultimately let the car to enjoy the trust of all users, as 'car life' an integral part. And only this, be considered in the service, in the user experience to become the real industry first. The future, the car to enjoy the home in 5 years, 10,000 goals, will join the model through the development of stores, but it will still ensure Pressure Sensor that the light of the heavy assets under the operation, do not forget the beginning, to achieve similar direct rights and interests of users and services. As Wu said, the car is no longer a simple post-market solution today, not just the cross-border connection of the scene form, not just with the precise car owners to form a credit relationship, more often The infinite possible revolution is now just beginning.