At the opening of the Frankfurt Motor Show, Baowo announced that the BX7 TS European Limited Edition officially accepted the scheduled and will deliver the first batch Sensor of vehicles in the fourth quarter, which marks the official launch of the Po Wo car in the European market. Po Wo held a global dealer conference during the Frankfurt Motor Show and signed a letter of intent with a number of national dealer groups. This indicates that the German Po Wo car is gradually implementing the previously published 'B-G-W global strategy.'

 As early as June of this year, Germany's Po Wo Automobile and Kuwait's Al-Zayani Trading Co., UAE's Union Motors LLC, Bahrain's YUSUF AL AWADI Group's dealer group officially signed to open the door to the Middle East market. In the transformation of the global economic structure, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iran, represented by the Middle East countries show rapid growth trend. Economic growth at the same time led the development fuel metering valve of the automotive industry, consumer demand for transport more exuberant. Then during this year's Frankfurt Motor Show, Po Wo Motor and Argentina, Kazakhstan, Peru and the Philippines and other countries of the dealer group signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The contract is a further expansion of the B-G-W Global Strategy, which will help Bowo advance in South America and Asia. 2018, Powo will also enter Chile, Peru and other Latin American countries, open the layout of the market in Latin America.

   'Today, the automotive industry is experiencing changes in globalization, smart interconnection and green travel,' said Tom Anliker, vice president of global marketing and sales for the global market and sales division of the state of Po Wo Automotive Group. , Continue to seek a breakthrough, the introduction of updated iterative models.At the same time, we actively explore Pressure Sensor the world's top partner resources, pool the power of global dealers to a new sales and service model, to provide consumers with forward-looking travel solutions, Build a treasure car intelligent future.

    Po Wo in Europe has officially entered the operational phase, in the factory construction, product layout and channel construction have made progress. At present, the new plant in Po Leo, Germany, is in the preparatory stage, the factory is expected to create nearly 100 new jobs, and plans to begin production in early 2018 construction, 2019 put into operation, the first phase covers an area of ​​about 140,000 Square meters. In the initial stage, the annual maximum capacity of 50,000 cars, the main production Po Wo electric version Speed Sensor of the series models, the first model will be Po Wo BXi7.

   Po Wo BXi7 body with a number of blue decoration, highlighting the characteristics of new energy models. The front headlamps are internally painted with a rhombic design, and the two rows of LED daytime running lights are located on the ground floor. The tires of the new car are designed with double five-spoke style, with silver and black matching each other, and the size of the tires is 235/60 R18. The charging socket is located above the left rear side of the vehicle body. Po Wo BXi7 internal add a lot of blue elements, compared with Throttle Position Sensor the BX7 new car replaced the electronic gear and dashboard style. Power, the new car's total output power of 200 kilowatts, the peak torque of 400 Nm, the official announced its maximum mileage of 500 km, 100 km acceleration time of 6.5 seconds, the maximum speed of up to 200 km / h.