Getting a perfect present for your family and loved ones can often be tricky, especially if the person celebrating their birthday has a very refined taste. So, what can you buy for someone who’s picky? Lucky for you, here’s a list of some practical gifts you can always count on.


Peelers or kitchen knives

If a birthday person loves to experiment with food and always makes awesome meals, then you should think about getting them something for the kitchen. There are many very practical fruit and vegetable peelers that make peeling, slicing and even coring a lot easier. You can get hand-held peelers or those that have a suction-cup base for more challenging tasks. Also, a set ofhigh-quality kitchen knives will make any aspiring chef in your life itching to cook you a delicious meal.

Sandwich maker

All-in-one sandwich makers are getting more and more popular, and how could they not when they can toast your bread, cook your eggs and heat your cold cuts all at once. In four to five minutes, you’ll have the best sandwich you’ve ever made. This will save your loved ones a lot of time in the morning and give them time to enjoy their cup of coffee in peace. It’s a great gift for those who are always on the run and those who enjoy a hearty breakfast.


Backpack vacuum

Backpack vacuums are a great gift for all of those who love their home to be clean, but don’t really like spending a lot of time cleaning and killing their spine. Thanks to the design of a backpack vacuum cleaner, it is much easier to use, while still being powerful enough to perfectly clean your home. They are super practical, especially for small apartments since they take up very little space. Every clean freak will love this practical gift.

Virtual personal assistants

Does your birthday girl or boy have an interest in technology? If the answer is yes, then a virtual personal assistant is the perfect gift for them. These practical gadgets are there to give you a hand in all sorts of situations. They can help you control the lights, switches and a variety of apps you have. They are equipped with state-of-the-art microphones that can easily pick up your voice from the other room, and they have some great speakers for when you want to jam out to your favourite music. They are very easy to use and are appropriate for all ages. Even people who don’t know much about technology will be able to handle them quite easily.


Espresso maker

This one’s for all the coffee lovers in your life. It’s a perfect gift for those who just can’t start their day without getting a great cup of espresso.There are many types of espresso machines on the market today. You can choose from manual lever pumps, electronic pumps, automatic pumps and finally super automatic pump systems. No matter which one you choose, it will produce a great cup of espresso and set the right tone for your loved one’s day.

Home security systems

There’s no better gift than the one which offers security. Home security systems are a great gift for practical people because they will most likely use them every day. DIY models come without any activation fees and memberships and they are very easy to install. Most of the systems interact with a free app that enables complete remote control of your home security setup for an easy use.


Choose any of these super practical gifts and your loved ones with refined taste will certainly love it. Make sure to wrap it up nicely for an even better effect.