Attention to the role of pad. The gasket between the parts of the car rests and acts as a leakproof seal. If the material, production quality and installation does not meet the technical specifications, it can not achieve the role of leakage leak, or even an accident. Such as oil pan or valve cover, due to large contact area and difficult to compaction, resulting in oil spills. Please pay attention to the appropriate placement, careful inspection, and according to the standard assembly. All types of fastening nuts on the vehicle are required to tighten according Sensor to the specified torque. Too tight pressure will not tightly pad will leak; too tight will make the hole around the metal bulge or skirt twist and cause oil spills. In addition, the oil pan under the oil stopper if not tightened or loose off, likely to cause oil loss, followed by 'burning tile bearing axis' machine damage accident. A lot of moving parts on the car, such as oil seal, O-ring will be due to improper installation, journal and oil seal edge of different heart, yaw and thrown oil. Some oil seal used for too long due to rubber aging and loss of elasticity. Found that leakage should be updated.

    Excessive use of automotive parts will produce wear limits, resulting in high-pressure gas in the combustion chamber fleeing into the crankcase, and forced oil leakage. Therefore, when the addition of oil at the mouth of the exhaust gas is serious, should be early repair or replacement of wear parts. To avoid one-way valve, ventilation valve blocked. Which caused the temperature inside the shell, oil and gas filled the entire space, the discharge can not be the canal, so that the pressure inside the shell increased oil consumption and replacement cycle to shorten. Engine ventilation system is blocked, increasing the movement of the piston resistance, so that fuel consumption increases. Due to the role of internal and external pressure difference inside the box, often will cause weak leakage of oil seal. Therefore, the vehicle must be regularly checked, dredge, cleaning. Properly handle Temperature Sensor all kinds of tubing joints. Car joint nuts are often disassembled, easy to slip wire cut off and loose; two joint bell mouth precision is poor, the two cone center line is not coincident with poor contact; taper different and not coincide, which will cause oil The Replace the union nut, use the grinding method to solve its tapered seal, so that the nut pressed to solve the seal. Avoid throwing oil on the hub. Wheel bearings and cavity lubricating grease too much, or its oil seal assembly is wrong, poor quality and aging failure; brake caused by frequent wheel hub temperature is too high; axle nut loose and so will cause the hub to throw oil. So useful 'cavity lubrication method', clear the ventilation holes, strict selection of high-quality accessories, according to process specifications for assembly and high-speed.

   In the very clean conditions of the assembly, the parts of the working surface without bumps, no scratches, burrs and other attachments; strict operating procedures, the seal should be properly installed to prevent the deformation can not be in place; master the performance specifications and use of seals , Easy to wear the shaft hole parts can be used metal spraying, welding, adhesive, mechanical processing and other processes to achieve the original size; for the edge of the thin-walled parts, Try to use the sealant, if necessary, paint can be used to achieve the ideal sealing effect; nut slide wire cut off, loose should repair or replace the new pieces, and twisted to the provisions of the torque; rubber seal assembly should Pressure Switch be carefully checked before the appearance of quality; Special tools to match, to avoid knocking deformation; according to the provisions of filling lubricants, regular cleaning dredge and check valve and so on. As long as the above points, the vehicle oil leakage problems can be completely cured.