IMO, one of the functions of dreams is problem solving.  Identifying, recognizing a problem is a necessary first step to effective solution finding/making so even dreams that alert us to some anxiety, suspicion or other bad feeling we've been suppressing (often in relation to either our work environment or our intimate relationships)  are in a way 'problem solving'...they start us down the path to figuring out 'What now?'.    But dreams can in fact help resolve all sorts of issues:  Find lost items, figure out logistical or placement problem.  A few years ago when a beloved cat got out (ours have been strictly indoor cats for many decades now) after her companion cat died...dreams told me (or she told me in a dream) how to get her back in the house without her 'loosing face' by asking to be let inside.  It worked too. I've dreamt where objects I misplaced were.  I've dreamt furniture arrangements that were most efficient fro a room and our lifestyle.

Part of the mechanism has got to be that in effect you are 'brainstorming', our subconscious disregards all the limits our waking consciousness puts on possible solutions. True some of the suggestions are unworkable but that's true of waking 'think tank' brainstorming too. Often it is those 'impossible' suggestions that actually puts our thinking on the right track for finding a workable solutions.  Because the process of assessing the workability of a solution leads us to similar (or sometimes opposite) ideas that are practical/workable.


So...what kind of problems have you solved in dreams?  Is it common for you, or infrequent?