I committed to 2 new topics this week...here's the 2nd...then I have mundane chores to get thru:

Kind of survey...but feel free to only answer what you feel comfortable with addressing.

1) Have you ever used a professional psychic? Whether well known or not, would be interested in hearing your experience...including what led you to consult them. 

2) Are there any well known psychics with whom you'd be excited to win a consultation? Who and why?

3) Have you ever done any psychic type work yourself? (For money or gratis, no matter).  Things like giving your opinions on the spirits/entities in a location. Cleansing? Helping an earthbound spirit transition?  If it's a long story feel free to say--"See my discussion posted on this. " (Since we can edit OPs  more easily sometimes for long posts they work better). 

i'll be back in a day or two to answer myself---but want to give members a chance to get it started before I put in my 2 cents.

Hope you all have a great weekend.