Who is the dealer? This question asked to me by the personnel Manager on the first interview. "This is a person who plays the casino on behalf of the casino". The answer was conclusive. It is these words that define the profession. It would seem so easy – come, play for fun, not worried about financial situation – after losing their money, then go home, having satisfied their need for play, sleep, and in the evening come back to the casino. Play. Everything seems to be very simple, but:


Work schedule is just insane. Usually 12 hours, add to this the time required to put in order themselves and the uniform, open the tables in the evening, close them in the morning to listen to the demands of managers before the change and "debriefing" after the change, plus the time during which you will get home. In the end, "rightful 12 hours" turn into 14-15. But if you are not just working, but also learn from full-time students of the University, the term "sleep" can just be deleted from life.


With a crazy work schedule, the body begins to readjust. In the end it works only at night and sleeps during the day (this is the case if you work nights). And he (the body) was unaware that at the weekend I want to stay awake by day and sleep by night. 11 o'clock in the evening begins the first night feed around 3-4 second. As a result, digestive problems. To work mainly on their feet, which leads to extreme fatigue, swelling in the legs and varicose veins. The lack of lighting affects the vision and the constant presence of cigarette smoke around you – on the lungs.


Load dealer huge. The usual workflow is pure 6 hours of continuous counting payouts on roulette, extension combinations on the poker points for blackjack. This is the standard list of games. And in many casinos there and other games, where tables calculating payments is not easier than the above. The inspectors load is also not less. The worth of 20 minutes on roulette in an intense game! It is especially difficult for the inspectors to follow the game, if the dealer is not accustomed to the work environment. Here, besides the fact that you follow the correct, will have to appease the dealer to have him not shaking hands, not crumbled chips, and not flew the ball. But if too nervous – and to have to take antidepressants in staffe.


This is perhaps the most basic. Whatever you say, employees receive casino money very good. Here almost everything depends on you. The better you are going to do their job and the more serious it is treated, the faster you will be able to increase your income by raising your own categories. This "plus" comes the next two.

Fastest growing up

The less dependent you are, the faster you grow. Agree that the money for which you worked hard month for 13-14 hours a day, don't really want to spend on nonsense. Appears desire to save, to lead an independent life. The money from your parents is not taken, but rather given part of their salaries (not everyone, of course, also optional). But still so nice to come home to payday, to give the parents a little, and to live independently, although, for example, with them. However, it turns out a little funny - something like "I have here a room". But it is at first. Usually, the salary of employees of casino allows, if not to own their own homes, then at least to rent an apartment or room.