After the dust weather, many owners will choose to clean the vehicle in time, but before the car should always drive away? At this time the window of the thick soil has been blocked on the driver's line of sight, be sure to clean before driving, In order to ensure safe driving on the road. In the sandy weather, even close the window, there will be some dust into the needle, so the opportunity Sensor to owners should also clean off the car inside the environment, because the sand residue in the car, there are also some potential risks, such as damage to the CD machine Laser head, or affect the performance of the speaker effect, etc., and the accumulation of dust in the air duct inside the dust will lead to air conditioning odor, affecting the health of the occupants of the car.

   Many owners will be customary in the car to prepare a duster, duster on the duster will absorb sand and dust, if you use this duster to wipe the body paint, is tantamount to sandpaper in the friction paint, obviously the protection of the paint Is very unfavorable. So it can only use it to remove the floating soil on the glass, and not used to clean the paint covered, easy to scratch the site. If you simply remove the floating soil on the car glass, many plans to save the owners prefer to use the wiper to sweep the dust on the front windshield, but this approach will not hurt the window glass, but the wiper rubber bar Relatively fragile, often friction with the sand will make the aging of the rubber strip significantly accelerated, and early cracks, resulting in wiping sweater effect decreased. In the purpose of protecting the wiper, we do not recommend wiping the dust Suction Control Valve  on the front windshield with a wiper. And the use of duster clean up, it should also remember to front and rear windshield, side windows and exterior mirrors on the lens of the floating soil must be clean, to maintain the angle of sight are not affected.

    In the case of dust in the car body, should avoid the use of electric windows, skylights and rearview mirror folding and other external parts of the body, because these moving parts of the gap if the residual sand or dust, may cause mechanical structure Excessive wear, resulting in local abnormalities or even functional damage. In the serious dust storms after the weather, should be avoided to the automatic washing car washing the car, because the automatic washing car roller cloth will stick to some of the former car washed down the sand dust, mixed with these things cloth roller The friction of the car's paint, the same damage to the paint. Floating soil more cars as far as possible to the use of water guns washed washing shop, but when the car can not be up with a high-pressure water gun rinse the body, because the body has a lot Temperature Sensor  of sand dust, water gun strong water column scour or use sponge, rags directly wipe , Will lead to sand on the paint caused a slight scratch. First with a gentle flow of the body surface covered with floating soil flush down, the owner should ask the car wash shop to the water gun to the lower intensity of the atomization of water mode, which can effectively wet the body, washed away the floating soil, and not because of strong The flow of power led to sand and body paint friction.

   With a professional, qualified foam cleaning agent, some bad car washers due to covet profits, the concentration of washing liquid to dilute to a very low level, in the scrubbing body can not produce enough foam, which is also good for the protection of paint, because Some stains and particles are relying on the adsorption of foam from the paint on the suction, while enough foam in the body when the body also play a lubrication effect, to avoid the residual paint particles, dust hurt. In the sand season before the call, the owner of the car is best to play a wax, the new car Throttle Position Sensor is best to do a seal glaze or coating, no matter what method, are to add a layer of paint on the body, in the sand hit , So that the paint from the sand hit.