Shoplifting is something almost all the big and small businesses have to face one time or another. Usually, the goods considered as vulnerable targets are books, jewelry, tires, car parts, clothing, CDs, and other accessories.

If you ask any well-reputed government or private security company, they will tell you from the record of their CCTV footage that it is not a chewing gum or a chocolate that is the main theft. It is one of the things mentioned above which may cost a business owner a lot of hard earned investment. Even in the presence of security cameras, the gangs operating are able to shoplift items worth a lot of money.

However, there are some steps that all the retail shop owners can take to protect their business from shoplifters.

1. Welcome Customers

Whether you own a small shop downtown or you’re a big retail shop in a mall, make it a habit of greeting your customers the moment they step in. If you own a very big business, then you can assign this duty to some of your employees. This deters the shoplifters as this poses a threat of identification with the police.

There are some important factors that you should keep in mind.

  • Keep a look out for nervous customers who are afraid to make eye-contact and have suspicious behavior.

  • Encourage employees to go near such customers and ask them what they are looking for.

  • Train your employees to take a walk around the aisles without being too obvious.

  • The more organized your shelves and shop is, the less easy it becomes for shoplifters to do their work.

  • Keep the vulnerable targets where they can be seen very clearly.

2. Number of Employees

Hire enough employees to attend to your customers. This way, you’ll have someone during the lunch and breaks as well if one set of employees is not there.

3. Hire Private Security

It is a very good idea to hire a security guard from a private security company. Depending on the area and the crimes that occur there, you can choose for an armed or unarmed one. The presence of a security guard will also discourage the shoplifters.

4. Post the Shop and Theft Policy

Write down the shop’s policy clearly and post it in obvious places. Make the rules very clearly to your employees so that they can relay them to the customers as well. It would be a good idea to mention the alarms and the CCTV cameras in the shop. Make it clear, what would be the legal consequences of the shoplifting.

5. Train Your Employees


You can ask an officer of the private security company that you’ve hired to have a training session with your employees as well. He/she can tell them what actions to take to stop the shoplifting from happening and identifying such customers. They should also be trained to do quick thinking in case such a situation does occur.


Author Bio:

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