In the usual driving environment, there is no accident, it is difficult to understand the ABS and ESC function to play a role, so we go to the professional venues to release their real power of the prehistoric, wide and small test field Sensor is a good choice. These active safety systems are able to display fist with pilot areas that contain all kinds of simulated actual road conditions and road conditions that are worse than reality.

  Active safety system will first think of the wheel anti-lock system, although today we are unknowingly enjoy the security it brings, but its development path is not smooth sailing. In the early years, it was very difficult to detect the timing of the ABS system, and it was very difficult to reach an agile response with any mechanical device in the era of no integrated circuits and computers. It is in addition to seat belts, airbags, the greatest contribution to the safety of the car one of the three major inventions. Because it permanently changes the stability of the vehicle when the emergency brake is controlled. ABS system compared to the old driver response more quickly, the data show that the ECU in the wheel speed sensor feedback Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor to the information, you can control the implementation of institutions within a second to complete the 60-120 brake action, the effect is naturally more than the body through the hundred The old driver of the war is better. Of course, the problem also arises.

We all know that the usual weight of 1 to 3 tons in the car and the road contact area in fact only tires, and tire ground area and adult palm area is similar. Therefore, in the case of the same tire situation, the ground adhesion changes will directly affect the braking effect, the higher the adhesion, the shorter the braking distance, the opposite braking distance will be a corresponding increase. ABS system will encounter the problem is how to ensure the minimum braking distance on different road conditions, the wheel can not be locked. In the vehicle from the high adhesion to the low adhesion of the road running brakes, the ECU will be through the wheel speed sensor to get information on changes in road conditions to change the brake pipe oil pressure, so as to avoid the lock, while the tester will read Take the vehicle deceleration recovery time, in order to maximize Temperature Sensor the use of ice adhesion, reduce the lock situation. On the contrary, from the low adhesion to the high adhesion of the road during the braking process, the system will be corresponding to increase the oil pressure, enhance vehicle deceleration, the use of high-adhesion ground to reduce the braking distance.

  In the course of the test, the engineers will collect the speed and speed and other sets of data for correlation analysis. By comparing the standard data, you can see if the wheel is in a locked state. Brake deceleration, braking distance is only part of a large test, in addition, the engineers will subjectively determine ABS Sensor the braking quality, which includes pedal vibration feedback, in the pressure, pressure relief state of the solenoid valve work sound details The judge.