Rew, is your idea just to have us post our own work, or will/can we sometimes talk about our 'process'? or share our favorites of well known or obscure poets? i don't want to intrude or 'hijack' your group. while i love reading original work...i also enjoy talking about how we develop our imagery and style and about poets who excite us.

in the meantime here's a free verse (my most frequent style tho i do rhyme at times and also write haiku) that expresses how i feel about poetry:

Poets’ Purpose

Being a poet is not just about our output, our poems,

 the words we  seduce, command or wrestle onto a blank space.
It is about how we process input, how we perceive the world.
Poets are keen observers of natural, political and social environments.
Dictators know this, as does every person whoever stumbled upon

          a poem that spoke their own heart’s suffering or joy.


I suspect that poets make good photographers

Because we notice what eludes most…

Not just lines, shapes colors but micro/macrocosmic patterns.
We recognize that color or absence thereof

Can set a mood or tone to a work

And learn to use which best serves the message.
We understand that a single element, or perspective

can change a work from charming to meaningful or powerful.

Yet while not everyone is A Poet,

we all express poetically at times:
The ASL poet draws their words in the air.
The dancer you cannot take your eyes off does too.
It may peek out in one’s smile or sway of hips,

or embracing your inner child

to laugh with real children about silly things.
It may emerge explaining a tragedy to a young person,
or wordlessly comforting someone in pain.


There can be poetry in that moment when an individual

takes a stand on a dearly held principle despite risks

or when one transcends all expectations to act from love instead of fear.
Poets hold a mirror to the world; frame it to help others see.

© ebarmore 8/7/12