What is QuickBooks Error Code 6138,-1005?

QuickBooks Error 6138, -1005 occurred when user attempting to open a QuickBooks company file in old or previous versions of QuickBooks, QuickBooks program has lost the hosting file at a time. Error code 6138,-1005 signifies maybe your company file is still open in another location. It is a very general problem in QuickBooks.  This problem has two resolving phase. Make sure that your QuickBooks is updated into latest version before performing any phase. You can also take advice or support by contacting our QuickBooks Error Support team.

Symptoms of QuickBooks error 6138 1005:

QuickBooks Shows some Dialog boxes on your windows like:

1. Codec error keeps pop up screen.

2. Script error dialog box

3. The file does not exist.

How to Fix QuickBooks Error 6138,-1005?

Before going to perform following steps make sure that you can open or access the company files on the new version of QuickBooks. To confirm it, use the given process:

1. First of all, open your Updated version of the QuickBooks program.       

2. Now, go to File > Open or Restore Company option in QuickBooks. It will be open the window of Open or Restore Company option.               

3. Now,  choose the ‘Open a company file’ option and click ‘Next’.

4. Browse and select the company file you are trying to open, then click Open.

If you are still facing this issue then try the second solution of this error.

1. Go to start button> All programs> QuickBooks and then go to the option QuickBooks Data server manager.

2. Then, click on the tab of scan Folders.

3. Choose the add folder option with files and then click on scan.

4. Now, confirm heading” QuickBooks Company files found”.


If the error persists then you should contact QuickBooks Customer Support Helpline Number 1(855)441-4417 and fix all your issues regarding QuickBooks. They provide 24/7 services to the QuickBooks users.