QuickBooks Login Error

Introduction for QuickBooks Login Error?

If you are not able to access the sign-in screen or when attempting to sign in you get pop error messages: Web Page cannot be found, Error 404: File Not Found, or QuickBooks is currently unavailable, please try again later its a QuickBooks Login Error. This message indicates that another user on another PC has logged onto this file with your credentials.  This can happen when you allow other users to access the company file with your credentials.

Why QuickBooks Login Error happen?

This error primarily happens once the Accountant or user uses Remote Access, while not work out from a previous session. “The commit to log in with the user name (Admin) failed” error may also occur if the user name is already logged in QuickBooks company file on a special laptop. Or this could conjointly come back up due to AN electrical issue which may upset the network.

Refreshing Steps:

Step 1:  Clear cache (Temporary Internet Files). For instructions see How do I clear the temporary Internet files/cache?.

Step 2:  Open a new window and type in (If you are able to sign in and were using the link from your favorites list, update it by creating a new favorite). For instructions see Find and bookmark the QuickBooks Online Sign-in page

Follow the below mentioned steps to fix the problem:

Close all the open QuickBooks processes.

Then click Ctrl + Alt + Delete to open a task manager.

Click on the Processes tab.

After that click on Image Name to alphabetize all the running processes.

Then right-click and End process on every process that start with QuickBooks.

Try to Log In to the QuickBooks company data file.

If you are unable to log in, then Restart the server(s) storing and hosting the company data file.

And open QuickBooks on a computer. Once again, try to Log In to the company data file.

If you are again unsuccessful, trying to Log In to QuickBooks as a different user.

Reset your QuickBooks password by contacting your QuickBooks Administrator. And if you are QuickBooks Admin then click on the reset button on the log in screen.

And if you are still unsuccessful, Then Restore a backup that you took before the issue started and then re-enter data.


If you are still trouble in access your QuickBooks account and these troubleshooting steps above haven't proven successful, Not To worry just contact our QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1844-551-9757 to contact them. We provide best technical help to manage QuickBooks Error Support. How to fix error Occurred in QuickBooks. Sort out all your confusion or doubt regarding your QuickBooks versions.