(1.) How To Identify Corruption In QuickBooks Company File?

Experts Say That The Most Crucial Step Towards Solving A Problem Is Accepting It. But That Cannot Be Done If You Don’t Even Know That There Is A Problem. After All, How Can You Be Expected To Resolve An Issue That You Don’t Even Know Exists? QuickBooks File CorruptionCan Play Trick On You By Hiding Itself, But If You Keep Your Eyes Open For The Following, It Can’t Evade You For Long:

  1. Error Like "A Data Problem Prevents QuickBooks From Continuing" In The Verify Data Utility Or "Verify Target: Values In Minor Do Not Match Major" On Your Screen Or In The Qbwin.LogFile.
  2. Sudden Shutdown Of QuickBooks On trying To Save Or Delete A Transaction.
  3. Faulty Reports Like Balance Sheets Where The Total Assets Don’t Match The total Liabilities And Equity.
  4. Missing Transaction And Entries From Lists.
  5. Account Names Preceded By An Asterisk(*) Which Were Created By QuickBooks Because The Original Account Were Missing.
  6. QuickBooks Runs Slow, Operations Take Longer Than Normal.
  7. Paid Bills ANd Invoices Show As Unpaid.
  8. Transaction History Show a Negative Balance Remaining.
  9. You Open The Send FeedBack Online> Bug Report Windows And You See HTML Code In The Window.


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It’s Not Really That Difficult To Spot A Problem In QuickBooks If You Observed Its Working Closely. Data Damage Comes In many Form And Symptoms But What Is Most Important To Note is, That Anything That makes The Data Look Strange Could Be a Sign.

(2.) Reasons Behind QuickBooks Company Data File Corruption

Now That You Know How You can Find Out If There’s Corruptions In Your QuickBooks Database, Before Attempting To Fix It, The Next Logical Step Would Be To Investigate The Reasons Behind Such Corruption. That Might Lend A Helping Hand The Problem.

Most Common Reasons Of Data Damage In QuickBooks Include:

  1. The QuickBooks Database File Size Expanding Beyond Its Healthy Limit Or 200 MB (QuickBooks Pro) Or 450MB (For QuickBooks Enterprise).
  2. Lack Of Resources Like RAM, Virtual Memory, Network Interface Cards, Routers, Network Cables etc.
  3. A Sudden Power Surge Or Drop Has The Capability To Trash Your Entire Hard Drive If You Don’t Have Proper UPS.
  4. Virus Attack To The Hard Drive On Which The DataBases Is Store Can Also Be The Cause.
  5. Developments Of Bad Sector On The Hard Drive Where The Database Is Stored.

Though The Reasons Can Broadly Be Classified In The Above Categories, It Is Important To Remember That All Causes Of QuickBooks Database Corruption Cannot Always Be Found.