Is your Quickbooks not Working? Is it displaying Quickbooks updates Error 12007? Don’t worry, our Technical Support team is here to help you. Read this information blog post to fix it yourself, else you can also contact Quickbooks Support to have it resolved by our expert.


Some user get the Error download a payroll or update Quickbooks to the latest version, there are chances  to receive error. Error 12007 generally occur due to misconfigured system files that cause registry error with your os.

When QuickBooks Update Error 12007 Occurs

When update the application of Quickbooks payroll Service. Quickbooks update Error 12007 occurs. The error is especially caused as a result of following many possibilities:

  • Quickbooks Not Access the Server due the network timeout.

  • Desktop with internet problem.

  • Internet security or firewall settings. Due to connection is blocked.

How to Fix QuickBooks update error 12007

Condition 1: the Error took place while updating Quickbooks itself

Check the net association set up in QuickBooks from the net setup menu choice. Make sure that net association is correctly set to use your system’s net connection settings.

Condition 2: The error took place while updating of QuickBooks Payroll service

Cheek the setup in Quickbooks From the ne connection setup menu validate you can use your computer’s net connection.

  • Select Next.

  • Click on  Advanced connection settings.

  • Choose on display the Internet properties window.

  • Advanced tab, Verify that use SSL 2.0 and usb 3.0 are checked.

  • Click  Apply and then press OK.

  • Now close and restart your QB.

  • Again try to update the QuickBooks Payroll service.

Note: this change will affect internet connection for internet Explorer.

If you have any Question of SSL setting payroll service, read here  more Quickbooks payroll Support helplin number toll free+1-855-441-4417

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