Car is the key to 'raise', raise the key to raise the core. Chassis, engine and tires are the most critical core parts of the car usually the main car owners are less care for the chassis, when found to have oil, chassis deformation, the chassis has long been rusty. To this end, early to the car Sensor to be a chassis armor for a chassis to prevent corrosion on the top of the policy. Chassis armor is not in the chassis on the chassis armor, but in the chassis surface spraying special elastic gum material, can rust, wear, shock, noise reduction, just as to the car chassis to wear a solid armor, so Chassis from the 'invincible.' This is currently the most effective chassis protection measures.

  With the rising oil prices, from the oil to the auxiliary additives, all kinds of fuel-efficient oil began to be widespread concern of the majority of owners. Owners are aware that the resistance of the engine parts friction will consume a lot Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor of energy, so more and more owners choose to add high-quality car to the synthetic oil. Compared with ordinary mineral oil and semi-synthetic oil, synthetic oil viscosity changes by the least impact of climate, thereby reducing the engine parts wear and reduce fuel consumption.

   Various types of fuel-efficient auxiliary additives are also welcomed by the majority of owners. Combustion agent can increase the octane number of gasoline, anti-wear agent can reduce the engine dry friction, cleaning agents can remove the fuel supply system fouling, and ultimately to improve fuel efficiency and reduce the role of friction resistance. Qualified additives generally have an oil saving rate of 5% to 15%. In the past, the owner of the tire detection and maintenance almost no until the tire failure Temperature Sensor or even lead to traffic accidents, the owner was aware of the importance of tire safety. In recent years, with the improvement of conservation awareness, owners began to pay attention to tire safety. In addition to tire pressure detection, many owners have developed a semi-annual to do a four-wheel positioning, dynamic balance of good habits. And some owners to the vehicle loaded with the TPMS, so that accurate electronic sensors for tire safety checks.