Depending on the job you do, you may be exposed to possible physical injuries or illnesses. Also, there’s a growing number of people registering symptoms of psychological or stress-related problems. If you’re one of them, you are entitled to fair compensation.

How you go about claiming and exercising your rights will greatly influence your chances of achieving a satisfying result. In order to improve your odds, it only seems logical to hire an expert, who has experience with cases against insurance companies. Let’s look at some advantages of having someone like that by your side.

Realistic estimates

First of all, you need to know that most lawyers dealing with such problems work on a contingency basis, i.e. you pay them only if you get some money. What this means for you is that they will be highly motivated to help you get as much as possible, as quickly as possible. So, if they are ready to take your case, you probably stand good chances of winning it.

Also, only those who have dealt with similar cases can give you a realistic estimate of the amount you might get. Although you might get an idea about it by surfing the net and looking for reports of similar cases, you need to know that every situation is different and specific, meaning a fair compensation varies.

Improving your chances in court

Unless you yourself are an experienced work injury lawyer, chances are you don’t know enough about the legal procedures involved with litigating or mediating your claim. Do you know what documents to file? Do you feel confident enough to fill in all the necessary forms? Even if you have a strong case and enough evidence, you may lose on a legal technicality if you don’t play your cards right. Remember, you’re up against insurance company’s lawyers, who deal with claims such as yours on a daily basis and who won’t hesitate to exploit every single mistake you may make.

It should also be said that more cases get settled before going to trial. However, if it does happen that such a claim ends up before a judge and a jury, they are statistically much more likely to rule against insurance companies. Naturally, their lawyers are well aware of this fact and if they see that you’ve hired an expert who can represent you in court and that you’re ready to go as far as necessary to see justice done, you’re more likely to receive an equitable settlement offer sooner rather than later.

Finally, laws are different. An account of a case very similar to yours may prove to be completely useless and inapplicable because legal provisions are not the same. That’s where an expert comes in, to provide legal counselling and protect your rights.

Save time, get more money

Knowing exactly what needs to be done means that little or no time is wasted. Also, even knowing what needs to be done doesn’t necessarily mean you know how to do it. For example, you know you need to review your medical records and charts, but do you know what to look for? And how much time would you need to obtain all the necessary documents provided you knew which ones are really crucial?

As far as the final result, i.e. your injury settlement, is concerned, you may find it too low in comparison with what you’ve been through. Still, experience and research show that those who opt to use attorneys’ help receive more money and that’s even after paying the lawyer’s fee.

As you can see, the reasons for hiring a work injury lawyer are many and well-founded. It’s quite common that the difference between having professional assistance and not is the same as the one between getting a fair settlement and losing the case. A single step in a wrong direction or a step never taken is usually more than enough for an insurance company to either deny you any compensation or to make it as low as possible.

Even if you don’t want to commission such services, it might be a good idea to at least consult an expert and learn about what you might expect during the process. If the task seems too daunting for you and you feel you’re not up to it, it is definitely advisable to hire an expert to maximize your gain.