The growing use of steel in the automotive industry Sensor is often used to manufacture various types of automotive components.

  At present, many vehicle components are made of steel, the proportion of more than 50%. Most of the steel is used to make the vehicle body skeleton, which is known as the white body, the parts for the manufacture of other parts of the vehicle laid the foundation. White body is usually used in a variety of different types of steel, different grades of steel, its corresponding strength, hardness and other performance indicators are not the same, the use of steel manufacturing vehicles, the cost-effective, the material corrosion resistance outstanding. Steel can Suction Control Valve be made into different shapes, with a certain material development space, to ensure that it meets the relevant requirements of safety regulations. Vehicle parts will also have an impact on driving control, the choice of steel not only to ensure safety, but also enhance the overall performance of the vehicle.

   Many people worry about the sustainability of steel after long-term use, for the automotive industry, this is a very important issue. Over the years, reducing the impact of steel production on the environment has always been an important issue. In recent years, the steel industry has tried to control and reduce waste and exhaust emissions, the destruction of the environment has been reduced a lot. As energy-intensive Temperature Sensor and carbon-intensive industries, need to pay a great effort, its difficulty is not small. However, the current emissions are only carbon dioxide, which means that compared to other metal manufacturing methods, the current waste reduction to achieve the relatively low degree of difficulty.

  The recyclability of steel is extremely high. In fact, the material can be infinitely reduced to its original structure, which will bring huge benefits, which means that the number of steel products that can be put into production will grow, and many old cars have become the source of steel and, to a certain extent, The issue of sustainability. Even better, in the recycling process, the steel will not degrade, can use recycled steel (secondary steel) to produce all kinds of products, including vehicles. While the attractiveness Speed Sensor of other materials as steel is so big, mainly the recovery and reuse of the more difficult.