Refine A60 equipped with a 6-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox, shift mechanism, tooth ratio adjustment and supporting system by the JAC led the completion of dual-clutch module suppliers for Borg Warner. Matching the 1.5T engine, grape news, this machine is JAC and Austrian AVL joint production. Maximum power Sensor of 174 horsepower, the maximum torque of 251 Nm, with in-cylinder direct injection, dual variable valve timing system technology, data with the terminology of the stack, it looks very powerful look.

Lingdu EA211 1.4T (low-power version) +7 speed dry double clutch is the Volkswagen Group when the driving force assembly, the maximum power of 131 horsepower (96 kilowatts), the maximum torque of 225 Nm. Here we introduce a 'push weight ratio' concept, that is, engine power (horses) and car weight (T) ratio, used to measure the performance of the two cars. Refine A60 car weight 1665kg, Lingdu car weight 1365kg, calculated two cars 'push weight ratio', respectively, 104.50 and 95.97, basically fuel metering valve at the same level. The above calculation is not a high you low, but because of the 'push weight ratio' approximation can be accelerated to test the theoretical basis of the test results.

  Refine A60 10.67 seconds VS Lingdu 9.36 seconds. In the 'push weight ratio' under the premise of more than one second of the gap is mainly reflected in the shift speed. Comparison of two curves is not difficult to find, Refine A60 with Lingdu G value of the extreme, are about 0.5G. However, Ling crossing whether it is starting to respond or halfway shift speed than A60 neat a lot. Especially the beginning of the beginning, A60 especially lazy, impatient people are absolutely waving from the whip. This is the attitude of the two companies to deal with double clutch. Volkswagen DQ200 is now a small number of dual-clutch gearbox shift, and A60 BorgWarner endorsement of the wet double clutch at the expense of speed in exchange for comfort and reliability. I appreciate Lingdu's straightforward strength, can not deny the Swiss in the double-clutch on the adjustment strategy. This link, if Lingduo performance Speed Sensor can give 9 points, Refine A60 also have 8 points level. Autonomous B-class car in the first round to show the tolerance, and was not a joint venture Shen Shen deep technical skills scared fear of fear.

  If the accelerated test is to use data to quantify the mechanical properties, the subjective feeling is to use the spirit of metaphysics to explain the work of the adjustment of the work. The first contact Ruifeng A60, involuntarily make a Jiling, with the 1.5T with the really is a double clutch? Start, creeping, reveals a normal AT-like. You are surprised at the progress of independent brands, regardless of this gearbox is not backdoor frontline suppliers, at least the effect is a line. If you just carry out this project, A60 on the Lingdu start hesitation, experience the advantages of 'at a glance.' As for the daily ride in the smooth ride, two cars show the results are not very different, are very good level. But inverted push to make the effect of such a way, A60 compared to Lingdu still have a gap. Lingdu DQ200 liters, down the speed of fast, hand from the knife off pleasure people can not bear to force Shun Shun. But the public powerful on this powerful, smooth, shift speed hands are very hard to grasp both hands.

A 60 shift action on the less profit, obviously in order to smooth or for the sake of reliability in the concessions, especially when the speed approaching the red line, the power of the sense of disruption came out. I will not ask JAC to double the overall experience of the gearbox to achieve the level of the public, sacrifice some of the performance, the crucial smooth, natural sense put up, this strategy is very wise, but also meet the A60 partial business products Positioning. Refine A60 with Lingdu first round of competition to accelerate, 10 seconds with 9 seconds gap for ordinary consumers, superficial. Speaking of fuel consumption, converted into real money spending, the feeling of the real. In theory, Lingdu in this area is an advantage. This advantage not only accumulates from the lighter weight (Lingdu 1325kgVS A60 1665kg, MD, A60 is really heavy), narrower tires (Lingdu 205/60 R16 VS 225/50 R17), as well as dry double clutch Attributes, as well as the public for fuel economy tuning experience. Independent B-level joint venture A-level, space and configuration on the lead is the table, as for the chassis structure of the perception to be more advanced. This is not an individual phenomenon, the number Throttle Position Sensor of the name of the Borui, Chuan Qi GA6, including today's protagonist Rui Feng A60, before the suspension of the double wishbone structure. Although the foundation is just driving the texture of the necessary non-sufficient conditions, at least the psychological level, these owners - look at the joint venture A-class car McPherson - must be proud.

Lingdu as China for the car, in the chassis tuning to do the socialist characteristics of the MQB platform products. The actual experience down, it can be said with the same price of the MQB model homogeneity serious. Car evaluation often said that the thick sense of Lingdu to the very real, at least in the face of small bumps is the case. Some of the big potholes, Lingduo value or can not afford more advanced performance, stiff feeling from the wheel up and down the action side of the leakage. A60 characteristics of the contrary with the Lingdu, perhaps because of the reasons for the larger wheels, pressure over small bumps, often have a sense of way to pass to the car, accidentally rushed to the deep cover, even if the body will pass a little suspension too late to shrink Impact, but the overall showing a sense of precision, or in Lingdu above. Although the Swiss wind in the experience of tuning than Ling, but the structure of high-level does bring the corresponding advantages. Compared to the tuning of this kind of vocabulary, independent brands are good at making noise is to fight someone who is kind of material. A60 is clearly more solid materials and more advanced tires to help a lot of busy, according to our measured data, A60 in the speed of the noise should be less than Lingdu. However, the value is not equal to no problem, 100km / h up speed cruise, A60 side window often wind percussion, although the volume is not large, or will drive the driver's favor.

  Through the Jianghuai Refine A60 and Lingdu comparison, we can see the current price basically coincides with the independent B-class car and the joint venture A-car compared to the pros and cons. Like this protagonist, independent B-class car A60 at the platform level higher in the power level has been able to fight with the joint venture A-class car Ling fight a few rounds, even in the noise can go against Pressure Switch the degree of overdue. However, due to its own brand of long-term 'heart disease' problem, fuel consumption performance is far less than the joint venture brand, coupled with the lack of experience in the accumulation of adjustment, the overall product strength as a joint venture car so perfect, there are some short board. It can be said, how to solve the 'heart disease' is to determine whether the brand can further rise the key.
Look at their own car needs, is the need for greater space, higher configuration, better sound insulation, or the need for better, more stable products and better brand image. I personally think that the two models to buy what kind of loss, but a kind of value on the place to see, the other on the value of the place can not see.