One cannot live only by managing their duties, and this is a thing that most psychologists insist on. Finding time for yourself should be just as important as accomplishing your duties. So, no matter that you choose to invest in a sewing machine, this model being a perfect option for beginners, or you opt for colouring books, you must take care of your well-being. Below we have a short list of relaxing activities that everybody can find the necessary time for.


1. Music – A perfect stress reliever

Whenever you feel stressed out or that you lack energy, try to put on your favourite music playlist, lay back and relax. This seems to be one of the easiest leisure activities and it is completely free. Find out what music is relaxing you the most and fill your playlists with it. You only need your smartphone and a pair of headphones and you will have the opportunity to listen to whatever you like most anytime.

2. Workout more

When things tend to heat up, it would be best to get involved in some physical activity, as it has been shown that regular workouts contribute greatly to our well-being. Even if you lack the necessary time for a full one hour workout, try to invest fifteen to twenty minutes a day, three to four times a week in this hobby. It may be more relaxing than you anticipate, and it will restore your well-being levels to what they previously were.

3. Learn how to sew

This may sound a little too extreme for you, but learning how to do new things is something that will stimulate your brain enormously and relax you at the same time. You can find some tips for beginners on various platforms, and most certainly you will find them useful. Also, not only this hobby is a relaxing one helping you to find the necessary focus and attention, but it also provides the necessary means to develop the skill in order to create amazing pieces of clothing adjust those that you find unfit and even create fun DIY décor elements and even toys for children. And who knows, maybe one day you will turn your hobby into business.

4. Take a long nap

When things tend to complicate, taking a nap might not seem an appropriate activity. But fact is your brain needs to disconnect for the issue in discussion. Most people tend to find solutions to what is bothering them after a short nap, and even if they don’t succeed to find solutions, they fell somehow relieved. Try this technique when you feel overwhelmed by daily tasks and problems.

5. Exercise

Another great relaxation technique is exercising. Run; follow some yoga courses, since any type of physical activity seems to bring plenty of benefits for the stressed ones out there. There are various yoga poses, especially those that mean laying on the ground with your feet up that seem to have a relaxing effect. So try them, and so you should try hitting the gym more often. There has been proven that those who exercise 3-4 times a week tend to be calmer and more pleased with their lives.

6. Crossword puzzles

This seems a bit out-dated, but if you are searching for a truly relaxing activity, you could try crossword puzzle. In fact, any type of puzzle might have a relaxing effect, because it will help you concentrate on something else than your daily issues. Crossword puzzles were so highly appreciated back in the day because of this specific reason. Take your grandma’s word for granted and invest in several crossword puzzle apps or magazines.  

7. Take your pet out for a walk

Socializing with a pet has more benefits than you anticipate. This activity seems to contribute greatly to a state of well-being. Those suffering from PTSD and anxiety disorders have a good reason for which they opt for activities which involve pets in their daily schedules. So if you feel overly stressed, you should try walking your dog, petting and cuddling them. Your furry friend is a stress ball in disguise!

8. Start planning your next vacation

Not in the mood for anything? Then start planning your next vacation! Even if the departure date is not quite a close one, this might help you find a purpose for the next interval. Which will help you greatly. At least the image of you walking the streets of an unknown city will be a pleasant one.


These are some simple relaxation techniques, but it will help you greatly. Make sure to try some of them and see how you feel.