A Yunnan driver parked in the downhill section of the car to forget the hand brake was eventually crushed to death caused by the news attracted attention, although the news said for the truck, but also really let the majority Sensor of car owners thrilling. Xiao Bian is not the legal profession, the owner of the house is not a legal category of the site, can not appear in the news of the Yunnan driver and insurance companies as a legal level of professional disputes between the professional comments.

       Hand brake light from the brake side there are two kinds of electronic handbrake and mechanical handbrake. Electronic hand brake on the line, and most of us are using mechanical handbrake, and mechanical handbrake will pull the hand brake with different intensity to produce different braking effect. So some people afraid of car parked unsteady, hard pull brake. The car parked in a quiet place, slowly pull the handbrake, while pulling the edge of the ratchet issued a 'click' sound until the handle pulled to the end. And then calculate the total number of 70% of the sound position, this position is the effective operating point of the hand brake handle. The car to the slope of the larger, good road conditions (preferably asphalt road) on the slope, slam the brakes, hanging neutral (if it is automatically variable speed is hanging in the N block), the hand brake handle just Speed Sensor to determine the work point position. And then slowly release the brake pedal, if the car did not slip, it shows the handbrake function is good. Due to the existence of gaps in the brake, and sometimes release the pedal, the car will be slightly sliding, and then stopped, as long as the sliding distance is very small, hand brake performance is normal.

    In addition to braking performance, you should also check the handbrake sensitivity, which is particularly important for the start of the slope. In the absence of slope on the road slowly driving, slowly pulling the handbrake handle, feel the handle of the sensitivity and junction. This inspection method will make the hand brake mechanism wear, so check the number should not be too much. If you find the hand brake brake performance or sensitivity is not ideal, usually by adjusting the hand brake operation cable to solve. There is an adjustable compensation mechanism Throttle Position Sensor at the bottom of the handbrake handle with the copper cable, and the length of the brakes can be stretched by loosening the locking nut. Of course, these should be handled by professional maintenance personnel.

   Many people think that if the brake system failure, you can pull the handbrake to slow down, in fact, this approach is wrong, because the hand brake mechanism is not precise, left and right sides of the uneven distribution of braking force, pulling the handbrake at high speed is easy So that one side of the rear wheel lock, a slip, very dangerous. The correct way is to slow down by downshift, to the speed is very low when the hand brake will pull the car stop. As the mechanical hand brake is the spring back, the spring every time in a high state of tension, will make the spring to speed up the loss of elasticity, resulting in incomplete return. At this point if you do not pay attention to the instrument still lit.

       Lights, will lead to driving with a hand brake, so as to bring damage to the car brake system.

   After the winter car wash to be careful hand brake, handbrake principle is to pull the hand brake lever with the power, through the brake line to its force to the rear wheel brake system. But after the winter car wash, the water may Pressure Switch enter the brake line, in the state of the water pull on the hand brake, and after a long stop after the water will be frozen, if the brake lever at this time back, the brake line will not move The Therefore, after the winter car wash, the car should be driving a distance, and then stop the hand brake.